Thought Organisation

Things are really ramping up right now, so I'm going to spend the next dozen posts or so just organising my thoughts. Think of it as a preview for the upcoming book - we're well past the time it should be finished and out there, but I procrastinate.

You never get over that, you know? You never stop looking at the stuff you have to do and going "that is a lot of work and also it is scary and plus I don't want to." And that's why people end up doing nothing. They hate themselves for it, but they still end up doing nothing. And hating themselves.

I'm wrestling with the whole "doing nothing" problem right now. That's why I'm writing this post for November 10 on November 22. Time travel and all that. Traveling forward isn't so bad; traveling backward is embarrassing. It's like saying "I am this far behind."

Sitting there whinging about it doesn't move you any closer to catching up, though. Two days ago I was much farther behind. Two and a half weeks farther, in fact. I was looking at writing effectively an entire month of posts just to get back to even. And today, I'm going to finish that process so I can concentrate on moving forward.

I started this process thinking that I was going to finish the book in a couple months and release it this year. That's not going to happen, but it is going to hit the market in January. and when I do the math on that, this is just about nine months from when I started the whole process.

I often talk about how the book is my baby, and the product development process is like giving birth. I began incubating this product line and brand extension almost seven months ago, and it's going to be about two more before I stamp it "done" and start looking at how to cycle it.

We are all wrestling with the same problems.

Go all the way back to the first post on this blog, and step forward just one more.

We have all spent our lives dealing with SHIT. We've been taught over and over that we are Shortsighted, Helpless, Inadequate, and Trivial. And a part of us never really stops believing that. We all have that whinging child in our brains that simply doesn't believe we can ever be anything more than a meaningless cog in someone else's machine. 

The world never stops throwing SHIT at you. You just gradually learn to dodge it and to avoid those who throw it altogether. The only problem with this is that you end up forgetting what it's like to build your badassery while the entire world is throwing SHIT at you.

Colin Theriot has a system of five elements that start with V. Which is the Roman numeral for five, so it's all clever and I like that shit. But the first two elements of it are Verify and Validate.

When you try to deal with a coach who doesn't remember being down there in the trenches and getting SHIT thrown at you all the time, that coach doesn't understand you. They frequently talk about how blessed they are and how amazing their friends and family have been.

And those are some lucky fucking people, because for most of us, we didn't feel blessed and our friends and family weren't even remotely amazing. Instead, we didn't have the resources we needed and we couldn't get the things we wanted and when we looked to our friends and family they said "that's retarded, you can't do that, you're nobody."

My own mother said it in so many words: "I believe in you and I believe you can do amazing things, I just don't understand why anyone would want this from you."

To most people, the world is sectioned off. There is the 1% and there is the 99% - whether you're talking about money or talent or value or skill or ability, there is the us and then there are them. The notion that we could be one of them is foreign to most of us.

So you can't be one of us and talk about becoming one of them. That's crazy talk.

Except it's also badass talk. A lot of times, the badass seems crazy, and people equate them directly. "Watch out," someone will say, "we got a badass here - he's crazy."

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

And you win because you're a badass.

Let them ignore you at first. Come with me. Let's make you a badass. A badass won't care when they laugh, and won't mind when they fight. The badass simply and inevitably... wins. Even when they ignore you and laugh at you, before they even know the fight has started... you are already winning.