The NICER Marketer

I had a bunch of bullshit scheduled this week about some other stuff but it sucked so I deleted it last night when I was drunk which is like this thing that I do sometimes because I am an alcoholic.

So I was talking on Colin Theriot's Facebook page about this thing Blair Warren said back in the day in something called One Sentence Persuasion, and it was basically "27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding" and here they are:

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures,
allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their

Well, the thing I do is take stuff like this and turn it from 27 words into one: NICER.

See, let's look at that as a bulleted list:

People will do anything for those who

  • encourage their dreams,
  • justify their failures,
  • allay their fears,
  • confirm their suspicions, and
  • help them throw rocks at their enemies.

Let's just use some synonyms and put them in a new order:

  • Nurture (encourage) their dreams,
  • Inhibit (allay) their fears,
  • Confirm their suspicions,
  • Excuse (justify) their failures, and
  • Reject (help them throw rocks at) their enemies.

Now, we've already taken 27 words down to 16, but let's improve that. The word "their" is redundant in all of those, and you don't need "and," so already we can factor it down to this.

  • Nurture dreams
  • Inhibit fears
  • Confirm suspicions
  • Excuse failures
  • Reject enemies

And there we have NICER. It's ten words, and you only need to remember half of them. It's not like the "BLACK STALLION" system where you have to remember thirteen. (That's some advanced shit. I'm still putting that together, and it's not going to be free.) The key to building a system is that you have layers: the top layer reminds you of the next layer which reminds you of the next and all the way down until you hit the real meat of it.

Effective coaching means you can rapidly empower someone to make their own decisions, after all; you don't want to build an army of little beetle-brains that have to wait until your coaching call to do anything. You need to see how to not only get them to the destination, but get them to find and walk the path themselves. Like when someone tells me "I don't know what to do," I go "you remember how to make decisions, right?" and they go "right, yeah... if I can't decide, I need more information." Yes! Bingo! Now off you go and get more information.

A coach is not just a teacher. He doesn't get you to the test, stamp a grade on your arse, and boot you out into the street with a piece of paper to show people. He gives you the real ability to operate on your own.

It's the same thing here. You want to be persuasive, you need to hit the five elements. And I'm going to be covering those this week. The goal here is not to make you parrot back what the parts of NICER stand for at the end of the week. It is so when you think to yourself "how do I be more persuasive?" your brain fires back "be NICER" and leads you down this path to the five elements of that. So you have a tool you can pull out and use in your real life to do real shit.

Nurture dreams is the easy one, because we already know that. People will tell us their dreams. And the easy thing to do with that is just say "Fuck yeah, that's achievable! YOU CAN DO EET! Kick him in the balls!"

Dreams are the easy part. They're also the part that, you know, doesn't really count. Your mother nurtures your dreams, but there are times she... you know... doesn't get it. So she's all like "oh, sweetie, you know I believe you can do whatever you set your mind to doing" and then she offers you an egg salad sandwich even though you hate egg salad and then you're all like "no" and she says "but you love egg salad."

Okay, maybe that's just my mom.

But regardless, the nurturing dreams part is obvious, and it's kind of the starting point. It opens the door, but it doesn't score you any points. You score those with the rest of it, and we'll start going over that tomorrow.