The FOCUS Factor

If you've been around any kind of marketing community at all, you've heard this one:

FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful

Good advice, and you should follow it, but what course?

Well, now you know.

Wait, what?

You're transitioning into the lizard-brain stage. You filled your bucket. You beetle-brained around and tried a bunch of shit. Everyone laughed when you sat down at the piano, but you were an idiot and kind of an arsehole and they laughed even harder when you played.

But now you're starting to "get it." You have found a thing. A thing you are good at. A thing people want. A thing you can sell. It is, however, likely that you are freelancing it - that you are doing it for someone else who is showing you the ropes of it.

I wrote for Jonathan Budd, the big MLM guy who went on to co-found that Ripfart network or whatever (big fan of Jonathan, but not of his network), when I first started out in the whole internet marketing game. It was a great deal - he had no end of work to be done, and as long as I could crank out the content, he could keep throwing money in my PayPal account.

This is the desire stage of everything. It's where you have got stuff sussed out and you know what to do, but you have a problem: what you are doing is never going to get you where you are going. And it probably takes you a while to figure that out.

Think of it like driver's ed. At first, you didn't need to drive, because you were chauffeured around everywhere. Then you went "I should learn to drive!" and you read the little booklet to fill your bucket. Then you drove your mum's car about the parking lot when it was empty, while she sat in the passenger seat and screamed at you to look out. And then you took your test and got your licence and now you can drive about town. But you don't go much of anywhere... you just kind of stick to the places you know and the familiar stuff.

Because you're still, you know, a kid. And you haven't entirely stopped filling your bucket and beetle-braining around, you're just developing that lizard-brain sensibility where you are looking around and choosing what you desire instead of just randomly running around.

That's the critical element of your story at this point: you have found your one course. At first, you were an idiot. Then you developed the Belief that you could do something, and you ambled about aimlessly until you developed an Awareness of the stuff you could do. And now you've settled on the stuff that makes sense for you to do.

You've now developed the "iron triangle" foundation of your story. The three legs of your stool need to be of reasonably equal length: your want has been addressed by filling your bucket, your need by beetle-braining through a bunch of shit, and now your desire is being addressed because you have lizard-brained something and stopped moving around randomly.

This is a three-act structure in itself. What it is not is the grand tale of redemption and glory that gets people to FART with excitement.

Have I talked about FART here yet? Follow, Admire, Respect, and Trust? Don't worry, we'll get to that - it's part of the story process. That starts tomorrow. Tomorrow, we'll start that part. It will be the FART part start. I apologise for that.

Skeptical Laina is skeptical
Seriously? The fuck is wrong with you?

So aaaaaaanyway, yeah - this is the basic three act structure you started with. You've had setup, conflict, and resolution. You needed to do something, but what would you do? Aha! You will do this!

That's, you know, a story. Of sorts. It's just not... epic. The epic part starts tomorrow. (You know, with the art of the FART. It's when the FART art part starts. I've been drinking)

See, you've gotten to the FOCUS thing, but you don't have the course yet. You're moving into the Direction phase. Which we'll discuss tomorrow.