The Central Mission

So we've had that moment where you go from not being born a badass, to the belief that anyone can become a badass. That's the first major step, but we already know that.

And from this, we move on to the awareness stage. At first, people always come to this understanding - this belief - thinking they have to see a person being badass. They take that step into the lizard brain where they're looking around going "what is a badass, anyway?" and trying to see people who are badass. They think "I need to find a kind of badass that I can be."

So they look at badasses wherever they can, trying to find someone they can emulate - what the NLP boys call "modeling" - and become a badass. How they need to dress and act and behave.

And there's nothing wrong with this, really, but there's a transition pattern that happens here where your lizard brain eventually figures out the next truism of badassery:

People can be badass at anything.

Seriously, take a look at this. Evolution of a badass. I dug into my closet and pulled out the various shit I wore over the last thirty years. What I couldn't find, I replaced though inexpensive orders from vintage clothing outlets.

I'm a rapper! No, a gangster! No, I'm Harry Belafonte!

And of course, today I'm all into the Juggalo paint and the Laina shirts.

And the poop sign.

But there's one constant: I've been a badass the whole time. Even when you're not sure where you're going, the crucial factor remains.

All badasses know they are badass.

Whatever direction you've selected, whichever subject you've chosen, you go into it knowing that one can be a badass at that subject - because one can be a badass at anything. And you certainly haven't chosen anything you know you can't do.

You've built that list your whole life, thanks to all the SLIM Jims throwing SHIT at you. They'll tell you in a second what you can't do, and you'll know it in your gut when they're wrong. You might not know exactly what you're doing yet. You might be just starting out on that road to being a badass, but the only thing in your way is the knowledge and experience to prove it.

And nobody can get that for you except you. But nobody can really stop you, either.

This is where you end up once you hit that midpoint, where you're BAD. You started out not a badass; developed your Belief that you could be a badass, because anyone can be a badass; embiggened your Awareness of badassery by understanding you could be badass at anything; and struck out in a Direction where you just flat-out knew you were a badass.

You can see how it all fits together, right? I'll cover this more in a future update, how all the pieces and parts map into one another, how it all connects up to the transitions and the rules and just locks into place. In a lot of future updates, actually.

We're almost at the point where we can just have a conversation about this, and I don't have to lecture anymore or explain anything. I feel weird with the lecturing and explaining. On some level, I sit here and go "I am just like you, and would really much rather just sit and talk instead of telling you what to do and why."

But I also know that we need to get on the same page about things. Use the same terms, the same vocabulary. We need a convenient symbolism and set of ideas. That's how communication works. If we don't speak the same language, we can't have a productive conversation.

And I'm looking forward to those conversations. That's an important part of the whole tribalism thing... the idea that we're in the same tribe, we have the same goals, and we gather to communicate with one another. It's the communication that makes it all worthwhile; all the writing, the research, the study, the sitting in a basement eating ramen. Once those lines of communication open up, and you start to see the difference it makes, that's what it's really all been about.

Tomorrow we'll round this out with the next two rules, and then on Friday we'll conclude with the last of them and a quick summary.