The Battle is Joined

This is the real meat of your origin story. It's why people care about it, They've seen it coming the entire time. This stage and the next are the real meat of your story.

I know the post is kind of late. I was working hard on it because the end of last week didn't seem up to my standards, so I felt like I had to put in some extra effort here.

What you want to do at this point of your story is really peg on the battle you had to fight on the way to your goal. The path was not easy!

  • You had situations that held you back
  • You had obstacles that were in your way
  • You had actual enemies trying to stop you

This is literally the whole Goddamn Lord of the Rings trilogy. "Let us take the ring to Mount Doom! [shit happens] And there we go!" It's like fifteen hundred pages of the battle. That's how this works.

What you want to weave through this as the common thread is that there are two reasons each and every one of these things needed to be conquered.

First, you do not yet have your special skills or abilities or powers yet. You will need to develop those still.

Second, as you probably guessed, you are kind of an arsehole.

A key element of this is some people who are along with you. There should be a couple people who are with you all the time, kind of like sidekicks. It's a good idea if they're kind of losers or misfits. Like you - remember, you haven't made your big discovery yet, so you're kind of a misfit loser yourself.

So not all of the problems you encounter are really your problems. Let's say you're on your journey with, what are some random names, Sam and Hermione.

So you're out on your little journey, and you have a big problem, but it turns out Hermione has been fucking around with time travel and she can help you with this problem because she has this special power you don't have.

And also, the whole time, you're being kind of an arsehole so Sam keeps having to help you out and carry more luggage and even do your work for you when some spider or whatever seems to have like, killed you, or something.

This is one of the things you're learning as you go through your journey and fight all your battles, your friends are doing well and have their special abilities and powers, and you don't seem to be getting anywhere.

What you're working your way into is the monkey brain, where you're developing your tribe with just a couple members. You're making a trail. You're facing and conquering mighty battles.

You are getting people to Admire you. Even though you're just another person like them, without special skills or abilities or powers, even though you're kind of an arsehole. You are fighting these battles, and you're winning, and you're making progress. And as you go, you're clearing the way - so they can follow you, and their battles will be easier.

So they started out following you because of idle (or morbid) curiosity, but now they're starting to see that you really work hard and face down the challenges along the path. You really are getting closer to your goal. The path really does lead there.

The admiration is that you are getting somewhere. Most people aren't. They're just beetle-braining away at whatever, or lizard-braining at whatever comes into their field of vision. But you picked up and headed for a goal, and you've got a couple faithful companions along for the ride. That's more than most people do, so at the very least you're doing better than the average bear.

We'll go into the next phase tomorrow, which is where things really start to pick up.