The BADASS Method Redux

I've had so many people showing up in the Legion of Badass recently, many of them simply aren't educated on what the BADASS methodology is. So I thought I should take some time to go over that today.

The six elements of the BADASS methodology are Belief - Awareness - Direction - Action - System - Story.

We all kind of start out in that bucket-brain stage, We're just kind of sitting there. Stuff drops in our bucket. People throw SHIT at us. We don't really do much of anything because it hasn't yet occurred to us we can do anything.

And then we develop the Belief.

The belief is where you start to feel like you can actually do something; like if you just get out there, go do something, you'll be able to make something meaningful of your life. And you start to beetle-brain all over the place because you have no Goddamn clue what you are doing.

And as you do, you gather some experience and you develop Awareness.

So you figure out that just wandering around is a waste of energy, and you enter that lizard-brain stage where you just stop fucking about and sit there until you see something that gives you a reason to move your ignorant arse from right where it is.

After some time in this state, you choose a Direction.

This is the crucial point where you move into the dog-brain. You know what you're about. You know what you want to be doing and in which general area it lies, So you head off in that direction, prepared to hunt down your ultimate goal and subdue it.

You begin to take Action.

Once you get near your goal, you realise that there are all these other people there. Some are badass, some are not. And at first you stay in your dog-brain and bark at them incessantly to try and drive them away. Some of them bark back. But ultimately you might evolve into something a little more sophisticated - you might begin to grasp that there is plenty of room here for all of you to hang out and do your thing. You don't have to fight over anything, because none of it is scarce. You can just monkey-brain and chill out and be relaxed and groovy about it.

Once you do that, the lack of conflict leaves room in your world for you to develop a System.

That system can take you forward into the man-brain arena, where you can extend your message to others. This is where you really start to build the tribe you started in your monkey-brain days, and turn it into something with a definite purpose and unified goals. You establish values that matter to the tribe, some explicitly, some tacitly.

And as that tribe grows, as it develops... history... it develops a Story.

And since you've been there from the beginning, since you defined the tribe, it is up to you in your chief-brain capacity to tell that story and to basically be all the things I was talking about in yesterday's blog post which I just finished twenty minutes ago because I am time traveling.

All of this flows naturally, from one part to the next. You learn to transcend your SLIMness and develop your FATness and move from one brain area to the next, integrating them all in a coherent whole that you can use to accomplish your goals.

I don't pretend this is the only roadmap. There are many others. And they, like this, are bullshit... they are rife with assumptions and presuppositions that may simply not apply in all situations.

And that's okay. You don't have to be all things to all people. You can be a badass brain surgeon, or a badass ballet dancer, or a badass graphic designer, or a badass motorcycle racer. Nobody will complain that you aren't all four. (Well, nobody you should listen to, anyway.) And if this methodology won't get you where you want to go...

Use a different one.

There's a lot of them about!

It is sheer pigheaded arrogance to think that one single method, one single series of steps, is going to work for absolutely every person in absolutely every situation. If these don't match yours, by all means, use a different set. I promise I won't be mad at you.

And now, I'm going to wrap up the week with a revisit of the Badass Manifesto itself, and its seven rules that absolutely apply to all situations every time except for the part where that's bullshit.