Ten Step Product Thing

This is something I pulled out of my notes which is reasonably fresh, since it's up on the top and the cards are clearly all pristine and white. It's a product creation process which lays out all the individual steps of creating a product in a nice, logical order that has a number of steps which is evenly divisible by five and therefore makes a great week's worth of posts.

Sorry, did I say that out loud? That's sort of a secret. I like making stuff with four and five steps because that way it fits very nicely into five blog posts. Sometimes I need to do six steps, or occasionally seven, and then I've got one thing on the way out which has seventeen but it's divided up into smaller pieces with some mnemonics and shit.


If I have four steps (CRAP, SHIT, FART, FUCK, ARSE, PISS - man I kind of need to grow up) then I just do an intro on Monday and then go through to Friday. Five steps (NICER, VIPER, VALUE, PILOT) is easy, Monday to Friday. Six steps (BADASS, LEGION) is an intro on Monday and two steps a day through Thursday followed by a summary on Friday, It's a thing. I do that a lot.

You'll also note that I'm kind of focused on product creation pretty heavily right now, which is because I'm buckled down hot and heavy on some stuff. It's time. I've got the material, I just need to CRAP it up and push it out the door with a sales letter.

Now, this one doesn't have an acronym because it is kind of long. There aren't many ten letter words that don't have repeating letters. Well, sometimes I just deal with that, I mean BADASS has repeating letters and that's just how it goes so there. I have been trying to come up with something for MANIFESTO but that's only nine.

And then there's the whole "use a word people will recognise" thing which means POZZOLANIC and EQUIVOQUES and MIZZENMAST are kind of out anyway (plus that middle one has two Q's and that would just be a nightmare) and I'm left with basically REPUBLICAN and LUMBERJACK. I kind of don't want to write the REPUBLICAN product creation method, which seems needlessly divisive, and the LUMBERJACK method seems like it needs to involve wearing women's clothes.

BEACHFRONT. I could do BEACHFRONT. I like that. BEACHFRONT property is premium shit, so the method would be premium, too. I wonder if I could make that work?

Fuck it, let's try. The BEACHFRONT product creation method. We'll have some fucking fun with this.

This is not staged. I did not plan this out beforehand and it will probably be an abject failure. I am already mentally screaming at myself that this is insane and will never work. 

Now, the first two things that we have to deal with are some pretty obvious bits, Content and an Advertisement. So let's first look at what they are, and then we'll try to shoehorn them into words that start with B and E respectively.

Now, you know how I'm always saying that people complain about whether content or promotion is more important? This is what got me to write the notes on this: the method starts by generating some content, so you have something to promote. Your ad isn't selling anything, it's just promoting your content. You're getting people to come read your stuff and become interested in what you're doing.

Hey! This sounds familiar!

You know how I said way back in the beginning that you judge someone's intelligence by how much they agree with you? Totally the case here. The guy who talked about how to do this in some webinar or other started by agreeing with what I already though, so I took notes. And now I'm totally jacking his method and turning it into something of my own.

Wait, does that sound bad? Fuck you. Nothing new under the sun. This method is something you've seen dozens of people do and just never wrote down the steps. Now someone has written down the steps, but they're still just steps 1 through 10. We knew about AIDA long before anyone said AIDA, but what we remember is AIDA. The critical piece is to produce the mnemonic that allows people to remember the system.

Someone probably said "an advertisement has four parts, the first two attracting the viewer's attention and engaging his interest, and the last two galvanising him to make a decision and finally take action." But nobody could remember that shit until someone said "AIDA: Attention, Interest, Decision, Action." Then David Mamet wrote it into Glengarry, Glen Ross, and along came Alec Baldwin to get on screen and fucking drive that shit into our brain with a railroad spike.

What's my name? FUCK YOU, that's my name. You see this watch?
What's my name? FUCK YOU, that's my name. You see this watch?

So where do we put our content these days? On blogs. There's our B right there: Blogging. So you start and populate a blog to a given extent, and then you advertise that blog... somehow... something that starts with E. What does an ad do? Garners attention, raises interest, exhibits value... exhibit. That's something. You make an exhibit. You exhibit your advertisement to engage the audience.

There. That's it. Engage. That's it. Engage the audience by exhibiting an advertisement.

Now, I would tell you we'll continue this tomorrow, but I'm time-traveling here and there are two kinds of people in the world: those who are reading this in the archives and can just click the next post link, and those who are watching me post these live on Facebook so they can just watch their feed for it to pop up, If you're one of the latter, give it an hour. If you're one of the former, there's the link, click it.