Sweet Release

So you've got your Video and your Image for your Post/Product/Promotion and you've written your Email/Exclusive and now it's time for Release.

This has two separate aspects. First, you have to get the core out there - the Post, in my case, potentially the product or promotion. That has to be ready.

Then you have to get your Exclusives out in a widening circle. (We'll cover the SWIFT concept next week so you know which circles are which.) You start very tight in the middle, then take it out bit by bit until you're shoving your social images and video links out into the wide world.

What you have to remember is that the people in your tightest, innermost circle are going to see everything you put out because they're obsessive as shit. So if you tell them you are going to share your best stuff only with them, guess what?

They're going to see if you're sharing it with others. And they're going to see if you're sharing better shit elsewhere. And they will get fucking pissed.

Here's the thing about tribalism. Your innermost tribe members will be obsessively loyal. They will watch everything you do. They will buy everything you sell. And the more they buy, the more they watch...

The more pissed off they are going to be if you disappoint them.

It matters. A lot. You can't ever act like it doesn't.

You see a lot of people these days talking about how it doesn't matter what you say and it doesn't matter what you do because it's all numbers. But those numbers are people, and people behave predictably.

Ever hear about the problem with racing greyhounds? If a greyhound ever catches the rabbit, and finds out that it's stuffed, he'll never race again. He'll be so betrayed and dejected over it, you can never make him chase the stuffed rabbit around the track wholeheartedly ever again.

It's the same with your tribe. You can't stuff the rabbit. Sooner or later, they'll catch it, and if it's stuffed they'll never really be part of your tribe again. You'll lose them.

Of course, the "it's all numbers" crowd preaches a constant influx of new numbers, so fuck it. They don't care. One number off, another one on, it's a zero-sum game. If it's not growing, it's dying. You can be killing it even while it's still growing, though.

But the key takeaway for you on the release section is to honestly split out your best stuff for the closest tribe members, and keep it just to them. Take it outward bit by bit, until the general public is basically getting a rehash of your core post/product/promotion.

Save the actual exclusives for people who have joined something. They have to trade something for it. A like, an email, a group membership, some money. Never give the real exclusive stuff away for free.

It's not always about money, but it is about something. Exclusives have a cost. The value that you deliver outweighs that cost, so it's a good value and a valid incentive, but it's always a trade of some sort. You can't just show up and be in the tribe. You have to ask, You have to trade. It's very economic.

And like I've said before, it's all about value. If it costs nothing, it must be worth nothing, so make it cost something - or people won't think it's worth anything. Whether it's a product or a blog or an email or whatever.

And spread it out. Remember that time is of value. If you put out the post at 4 AM, send out the email around 8 AM. Release the video around noon. Start posting the social images in the afternoon.

Discuss your post in a tribal context - with exclusive info - around 6 AM. Live. Hang out and talk about it. Well, if that's how you roll. If you have a forum or something. Push things out into the world with the best stuff early and tight, and decreasing value as you move later and farther out.

Think of ripples in a pond. The biggest and cleanest ripples are close. The farther out they go, the more smooth and indistinct they are... but they all centre around the same focus.

I'll talk about what those ripples are on Monday. There are some things I've been meaning to talk about for a long time, and I think we're at the right place to discuss them... so tune in Monday for the details...