Scheduling and Time Travel

Time travel weirds blogging in much the same way verbing weirds language.

I have really not been posting here like I should have (just Music Video Saturdays), so I built up this big backlog of posts that need to be done. This is the twelfth in the series of posts I have to make before I am caught up. I'm a little less than halfway there. By the time I'm done, I will have over two hundred posts on this blog.

That's pretty fucking amazing.

There's something we forget a lot of the time, and that is to maintain a certain childlike wonder at what we've done and where we've been. Stop and look around, and instead of being so focused on where you are going and have not yet gotten, look at where you have been and what you are bringing with you.

I have a massive collection of friends and colleagues and customers and clients that actually consider what I say worth listening to.

Two days from the date on this blog, I will turn 44. Of course, as I am writing it, I have been 44 for over two weeks. Time travel, you know.

Five years ago, my life was so different. I was working at Microsoft on the Pink project, which would later become the Kin, which would in turn become the worst failure in Microsoft history - even outdoing Microsoft Bob in both the amount of laughing done at it, and the shitty number of sales, and the speed of its withdrawal from the market.

Now I'm working on something amazing and awesome that is going to change people's lives and make a tiny few of them unbelievably rich.

Microsoft let me touch a lot of people, but not in any meaningful way. I could make a tiny little difference in a billion people's lives, but they didn't care, and they didn't know. I could never say "see that, I did that" and have them go "wow, that is really awesome, I'm glad you did that."

I am suddenly... well, not really SUDDENLY; it's been five and a half years in the making... sitting on the edge of amazing, incredible things. And I am sitting here right now looking at the amount of work I've done today, closing up on ten thousand words, probably topping fifteen thousand by the end of the day... and I'm amazed at how incredible my life can be.

The money? I don't have it yet. People scoff and sneer at that. They understand that culturally, money is proof in America. If you are any good at something, then you get paid for it! So if you're good at anything, anything at all, you have money. If you're really good, you have a lot of money.

I'm not very good at getting money. I'm good at other things. I'll leave the money-getting to others. That's where I'm driving with all this; I don't think it's important to go out and get money for me.

But I am pretty sure that if I can help other people go out and get money, they'll feel a certain sense of reciprocity and want to give some back to me, I think that's the powerful bit. If I put stuff out there that helps people feel good and make changes and better themselves, if they use that feeling and those changes and their betterment to make money... I think they'll want more help.

That's why my goal isn't to make millions of dollars right now. Instead, it's to make ten other people into multimillionaires by the end of 2020.

And I want to do that in stages. I want to take several thousand people and make them a few thousand dollars, and then help a few thousand people generate a living wage, and a few hundred people hit six figures, and a few dozen make a paltry one million. And out of that few dozen, I figure about ten will crack two million.

And I want to keep that small enough that I don't lose touch with the people in the beginning. I mean, sure, there's no avoiding that my circle of close friends will be pretty well consumed by the people making six figures and up.

But I do not want an audience of millions where I can't possibly recognise anybody even vaguely. I don't want a mass market. Just a niche of a niche. Ten thousand or so.

And I don't want the people outside that to ever be part of my business planning. I don't want to sit in my little vault counting my beans and scheming how I can sell the same thing to more people. I want my schemes to be about how I can help the people I've got do better and make more so they'll have more to spend and an incentive to spend it with me.

I think that's a much healthier kind of business to want, and a much better reason to want it.

And I'm looking at the schedule, where that first wave of stuff is about to come out, and I can see the dates and the deadlines and all that. It's kind of exhilarating and kind of scary at the same time.

And I am loving every minute of it.