Scheduling and Planning

So I've been going over my current plans for the rest of the year and thinking about what needs to be done when so I can actually, you know, get my shit ready to go and bug the fuck out of this basement.

So I basically looked at what I have to do and when it has to be done, and I came up with a series of things that need to get done.

First, I need to rewrite all my emails. There are about 60 of these. The good news is that I have a paid product about writing emails on the blocks which naturally involves writing fifty-odd emails to demonstrate the process, so I can multipurpose this.

Second, I need to keep up to date on the blog. I may reduce posting frequency in the near future, since I have so much other shit to do, but whatever I reduce it to needs to be consistent and on time instead of time travel shit.

Third, I have a series of seven paid reports planned which really need to get written because they have to be done before the book can be published. These reports also need sales pages and affiliate programs and JV pages and a delivery setup. I will be doing this through JVZoo, because they are fucking awesome.

Fourth, I basically have to rewrite the whole book because I've just gotten very unhappy with the state of it. It doesn't feel like my book, it feels like some kind of half-arsed effort to rewrite Brad Gosse's Chronic Marketer. (Which is a great book, but it's not mine.) I feel like I owe my audience better than that.

Finally, I really need to start populating the public YouTube channel for the Legion of Badass so we can get to recruiting and shit.

So I went over all that and divided it into a series of things that need to be done each day.

Sunday, I do the blog - all seven posts for the week - and then two videos: one for the Legion exclusive, one for the public channel. If I have missed anything over the past week, I also do that here.

Monday is "design day" - it's when I do the sales page layout and write the copy for the report I'm doing that week, which naturally enough involves closely examining the outline and considering what information needs to go into it.

Tuesday is when I write the report itself. That's literally what the entire day is for - just writing that report, all in one sitting, so I can thunk it up on JVZoo and have it ready to go.

Wednesday through Friday I write a chapter a day for the book. The first ten chapters are designed to be used as giveaway reports at first, then later moved to Kindle for $5 or something.

And then Saturday is the day that I kick back because it's the Sabbath and all that. Six days shalt thou labour and do all thy work, and all that shit.

So the whole idea there is that everything gets done over the course of seven weeks, and is finished in mid-January. The final couple days there I will be using to jump ahead on the blog, so I've got things queued up just in case the move to Ohio gets problematic.

The key factor here is that I'm dropping seven reports into the market - one for each animal metaphor - at a currently-expected price point of $20. I need to sell about 200 copies of each through affiliates (or 100 on my own) to get the appropriate financing in hand so I can make the move without difficulty.

I can probably still do it on half that, but I'm paranoid and would rather put some extra padding aside. The idea is to have about six months worth of expenses locked up, so I can concentrate on settling in and extending things in a new direction once I get there.

Because honestly, 2015 is Markety Gras, people. I've put it off too many times. It's got to happen in 2015.

So in any case, that's the direction things are going... and I'm getting started on it, you know, today. This post was scheduled (shocker!), and the day it comes out I'm writing the next seven, and then everything starts getting blasted out there on schedule.

I am a leaf on the motherfucking wind. Tape my temple, watch me go.