Roll Camera

The thing we have to worry about now is getting from being very focused on what you are getting for you to being more focused on what you are offering the world.

Basically, imagine that you're making a movie. You can't just go "this is my movie about me." Something has to happen.

Now, you never take the focus away from you. This is your movie, Goddammit. You're the main character of your movie. But the thing is, nobody cares about you - unless they can see themselves in you.

They have to see that you are where they want to be, or you have what they want to have, or you do what they want to do. Nobody watches a movie about some normal guy doing normal shit. They are actually more likely to watch a movie of some arsehole doing shit they hate and being a general dickbag. Or some freak doing crazy shit and being weird.

You can't be normal. You have to be different. You can be good guy. You can be the bad guy. You can just be fucking strange. But there's one common thread.

It takes Action.

You have to do something. This is where all that law of attraction bullshit falls over and dies: you have to get your arse up and go do something, or you're still just playing the lottery. It may be an interesting diversion, but if you don't get up and do something, you're still waiting around for your ship to come in.

And you're probably at the fucking airport.

Airport tarmac
"There's totally enough room for my ship to come in right here."

It's extremely rare that you just happen to be where what you want out of life is going to show up. Instead, you have to go somewhere that it is likely to show up.

And here's where a lot of people get confused, because there's this natural effect of that which people mistake for a cause.

See, if a thing is good, you are probably not the only person who wants it. So when you go to where that thing might show up, there will be other people there who want it. And on your way there, you will meet other people who are going there, or somewhere near there. After you get there, other people will come and join you there.

It is absolutely egotistical of you to believe that those people went there, or are going there, or come there later, because you went there.

We're progressing from dog-brain to monkey-brain, here, and one of the last vestiges of the dog-brain is to think that stuff happens because of you. Pretty much nothing in this world happens because of you. It happens because of your actions, sure. Your actions might be better because you've worked harder.

But there is nothing particularly special about you. Anybody else could have done the same thing at the same time. Justin Bieber's manager might have completely missed Laina's video and tweeted something else instead.

If I was your girlfriend, I would give you pussy... even in a hurricane OH SHIT HURRICANE FFFFUUUUUUU


Of course, the peculiar combination of skills and abilities and desires that you personally have is absolutely unique, so there is quite definitely something you can do that nobody else can do in quite the same way.

So when you go to where you're going to be in the right place at the right time and doing the right things, you'll find a bunch of other people in slightly different places doing slightly different things. And once you carve out your own little space there, more people will show up to carve out their own spaces.

Scott McCloud's book Understanding Comics includes a six-step process in chapter seven which is very much like the BADASS methodology. He has specialised it toward a career in art and comics, much as I have specialised my own system toward developing an online presence and following.

We do not really compete. If you want to develop an online presence and following, you are probably going to use my system and not his. If you want to draw comics, you are probably going to use his and not mine. But we sit in very nearly the same place, philosophically speaking, so you could probably use his system to develop that online presence and following - with minimal modification. And if you want to develop that presence and following with a comic, that might actually make more sense.

But however you do it, whichever methodology you use, your actions will be different... just as mine and Scott's are... because you are a unique individual who does things just a little differently. You cannot do anything that has already done, because you haven't done it. Nobody else can do what you have already done, because they didn't do it.

So have no fear of copycats or lack of originality. Take action, not driven by a desire for originality or by the difficulty of others copying your actions, but driven exclusively by the quality and character of the action. Do the best you can do without regard to whether anyone else could do it or has done it.

We'll get a little deeper into this tomorrow with the next step.