Fat dude in silhouette

Pursuing the FATness

Now, yesterday (a few minutes ago) I was talking about how your SLIMness problem with getting some beer might have been solved if you could ask your neighbour for a ride to the store, but of course you probably don't know your neighbours. Because of the SLIMness.

So you need to pursue some FATness instead - being Friendly, Active, and Tribal. If you were Friendly, you would know your neighbours and have their phone number and you could ring Bob up on your mobile and say "hey, got no beer for the game" and maybe Bob even says "come over, I have plenty." And then you see who has the bigger TV and you both watch the game there. With the beer.

Now, as I've said recently, everything you want already belongs to somebody else. And people are Selfish, so they don't want to give you those things. But if you are Friendly, and they like you, then you can make a deal. So they play into each other. Your friend is Selfish so you have to be Friendly to satisfy your own Selfish desire.

You can't avoid your nature. That's just the way it is. Buddhists talk about that shit all the time, but they are talking. They're trying to shove their opinion out into the world and change it to be more the way they would like it. That's Selfish, too. It's also Lazy, because all they are doing is talking. It's Ignorant of what other people might like. And it's Mean to hand people something you like instead of what they like.

But they're also FAT, and I don't just mean those Buddha-bellies.

They're Friendly to everyone. They're Actively looking for truth and meaning and value. And they're Tribal - they recognise and appreciate others who seek what they seek and find a similar truth.

They combine the principles. Every FAT person still has a SLIM person inside them. You can't deny this nature altogether. But what you begin to figure out in your FATness is that things are not really so scarce.

Being SLIM is all about conservation and living in a world where things run out. But we've moved out of the hunter-gatherer paradigm, past the agrarian society, beyond the labour economy. We are in the information age. Information never runs out.

I trade my rabbit for your rabbit, we both have one rabbit. I trade my harvest for your harvest, we both have one harvest. I work one hour in return for you working one hour, we both have one hour's work.

I give you my information in return for your information, we both have both pieces of information.

We can now manufacture value.

The other day, one of my Facebook friends listed off the five things a piece of content needed to go viral.

"STOMP," I said. And I listed them off in order: S, T, O, M, P. STOMP on it. STOMP your competitors. STOMP your message into the world. Give it the STOMP of approval.

He already had the five pieces, and they already started with those letters, they just weren't in the right order. So i got FAT about it and handed over some value. It cost me nothing and took no time. I just naturally thought about it in those terms.

I had to be Friendly to examine his message (which was nothing to me, I don't care how to make things go viral), and Active to consider how I might improve that message (I don't want to be in the business of teaching how to make things go viral, either), and Tribal to hand that over and say "we are in the same tribe, I support your efforts."

I could easily have been SLIM about it, too. I could have taken his five elements and put them in the right order and hustled "The STOMP Method" onto the market in a matter of hours. But that's not the way I want to do business. I don't want to sell things simply because they can be sold. I want to sell what furthers my message and my ultimate goals.

And that's SLIM, too. I am being Selfish about what I put my name on, and Lazy about the work I do, and Ignorant about how I get my money (farting out short reports and running WSOs like a popcorn machine is where the money is, son!), and Mean about depriving people who want my STOMP report instead of whatever this other guy is going to write.

They are two sides of the same coin. You can't have a coin with one side. That's called a "marble."

Of course, many people think I've lost my marbles. 😉

But let's move onward and upward and start looking at those animal metaphors again, beginning with the totally non-animal one...