Macaroni Pictures

Way back in 2011, I was supposed to do a speaking engagement at a marketing seminar but I had a personal crisis and couldn't make it. So instead, they gave Tim Castleman my slot, and he proceeded to get really drunk and use a lot of foul language because I guess he figured they came to see me so he should probably do something more or less like I would do. He did a good job, because if you're looking for someone kind of like me, you could do a lot worse than Tim. And hey, we're both better than Don Wilson.

But what I was going to talk about at that seminar was something I called the Need/Want/Desire triangle. I had it a little mixed up. It's actually the Want/Need/Desire triangle, and I was going to do a product about it called Iron Triangle Marketing. But it turned out to be an incomplete notion, so I didn't do that. However, Want/Need/Desire still forms the intro for this, which leaves us with the third part of that triangle to cover yet: desire.

Desire is the expression of a specific fulfillment for a need. The lizard brain perceives, where the beetle brain does not. Instead of simply recognising a want (I have no food) and prioritising a need (I am really hungry), the lizard brain proceeds to postulate a solution (I want a sandwich).

What you are doing with your promotion - indeed, with all direct marketing - is handing people the desire. You use your knowledge of the audience, your prospective customers, to say "look, you want something like this; you need something like this; and here's why you specifically want this."

Colin Theriot talks a lot about the four major questions of sales: why me, why this, why now, and why you. By having someone on your list, you've covered half of that. The customer asks "why me?" and the answer is because he asked for it. Why you? Because he asked you for it.

Depending on your audience, you may need to say these things out loud - but it's kind of obvious, so you might not. Some lists need you to actually type out "Look, you asked me to let you know if I found stuff like this, because you know I'm wicked smart and find good stuff. So here's what I found today." Others may feel like you think they're stupid when you say things like that.

But with your list, most of the questions are answered. If you have an automated email going out with a promotion in it, the "why now" is because they're between what you just told them and what you're about to tell them. I gave you an affiliate link to GetResponse in a recent blog post because I told you to set up an email list, and you were going to need that to use the following post about how to send promotions.

So "why this?" Why GetResponse? Because it's what I use.

Notice that your "why this" doesn't actually need to be particularly compelling.

The lizard brain lacks any kind of reasoning capacity. You just have to poke it in the right way to make it go "oh, okay." We are machines made of meat. The bucket brain needs to know there's a want. The beetle brain needs to know there's a need. And the lizard brain needs to know there's a desire - which stems from a reason why.

So why did I title this post "Macaroni Pictures" in the first place?

Tire on the road
No reason.

Or, more accurately, I'm not telling you the reason. Everything has a reason. But we're still a few weeks away from why I don't always tell you the reason. And then it goes dot, dot, dot. Like poetry.

This is one of those points in the process where I need to be careful, because technically you now have all you need to be a successful internet marketer. A blog and a list are good enough. In fact, for a lot of very successful multiple-six-figure earners, it's all they have.

But there are some important parts missing still, and I want you to stick around. Yes, it is perfectly possible for you to make a decent living using only what you know already, and I want you to go out and make that decent living. If all you want is the money, you have all you need and off you go then.

But you don't have enough to make you a badass. And I want bigger, better things for you than "making a decent living." If that's all I wanted, this blog could have been one post with one line that said "get a fucking job." And if that's all you want, then hey, more power to you and have fun storming the castle.

But you are capable of so much more. Stick around till next week, and let's see if we can't get you there.

(If you are keeping count, that's seven unexplained references where I deliberately left some of the audience on the kerb for the sake of a small minority. I'll be referring back to this later.)