Let’s get this FART party started

Okay, so you've taken the want into your bucket-brain and filled your bucket to develop Belief, and you've recognised the need so you fired up your beetle-brain and did a lot of stuff that didn't work to develop Awareness, and you found the desire which led you to your lizard-brain and you've pursued that to determine your Direction, and now you are beginning to build a plan which will take you into your dog-brain - and what do we always blame on the dog?!

So let's get into the meat of it. We're at the stage in your story where things begin to turn around, You're moving into the area where, for one, you are beginning to have CRAP you can sell. (Create what you can, Request what you can't, Assemble the pieces, Package it into a format you can deliver. Actually, I'm still fucking with what the P stands for and it might be Produce or Provide in a future iteration.)  You're activating your dog-brain. You're running with your pack and jockeying to be the alpha dog.

So you know that FART stands for Follow, Admire, Respect, and Trust. And hey, it's kind of obvious here, right? Alpha dog! You have to get people to Follow you! Can't be the alpha if nobody follows.

And the way you get them to follow you is essentially three things. Lots of threes here, you'll notice.

  • Have a Direction you are going that they also want to go
  • Have a plan you are using which they feel they can also use
  • Take Action in a way they feel they can also act

See, as we discussed yesterday, you now have the iron triangle of your setup together. And what you do now is use the three legs of that iron triangle to hold up the tripod or the table of your business, or be the wheels of your vehicle called a tricycle, because three is a magic number.

Magician pulling a 3 out of a hat
Yes, it is. It's a magic number.

So that tripod can be where you shoot your videos, or the table can be where you stack your books, or the tricycle can be how you ride into the life you really want. But this all lays out your plan to get down the road in the direction you're going and reach your destination.

You still have the same problem that you haven't gotten there, though. This is where you begin to become the hero, the leader, but you're still a bit of an arsehole.

And remember, this is how you're painting it in the story, not the way you deliberately act. You're not supposed to be looking for some way you can be an arsehole. You're just putting your story together with the understanding that when you were at this stage, you were kind of an arsehole, so play up the things that were your own fault in consistent ways. You had this problem, and that problem, and the other problem - all because of this way that you were kind of an arsehole. Maybe you were lackadaisical about how you produced your products, or you made your videos too long, or you drank too much and told racist jokes all the time. Whatever.

But the key is in getting people to look at your story so far and get them to Follow you. And the way you do this is to give them GAS.

Skeptical Laina is still skeptical.
Wait, what? GAS? Make CRAP to give people GAS so they'll FART? This is your system? Really?

Oh, this is nothing, trust me. Wait till we hit SHART week.

Yeah, I think the cheese fell off your cracker long ago.
Yeah, I think the cheese fell off your cracker long ago.

But see, GAS stands for Give A Shit. And it's a double pun, too, because you have to fuel yourself up with Give-A-Shit before you can go anywhere... and it's by feeding that Give-A-Shit to your audience that you get them to Follow, Admire, Respect, and Trust you.

You know, fuck it, it's Friday. I'm kind of knackered. I'm just going to go drink. We'll talk more about the serious shit on Monday.