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It’s Time For That Advice Again

Yes, we're here, right in the middle of everything, and I'm going to tell you what everybody tells you.

It's that one piece of advice you get everywhere, and people say it's all you really need, and they're kind of right. If you just ignore every other fucking thing anyone says and do this, you will succeed.

The A in FAT is for being Active. Take action. Take massive action. If you just get the fuck up and do something, and you keep doing something, even if your beating your head against a brick wall - sooner or later that wall will come down. Even if what you're doing is patently absurd and objectively stupid, sooner or later you will get somewhere with it. Granted, maybe it's on the news as "that  fucking moron who's trying to do something absurd and stupid," but that's somewhere.

You've probably noticed throughout the SLIM and FAT discussion that I preach a doctrine of moderation. Action, however, is not a place for moderation. It is a place to exert constant effort. Don't do nothing, won't be nothing. Spread the effort around, sure, but keep plugging away at whatever it is you're doing.

All of what you're doing. Yes, I'm pushing that you should build your own information product business, but don't neglect your day job. Or your personal life. Or your kids. Any school you might be attending, or just self-directed education. Keep up with your nutrition, your exercise routine, your general health. Go to the dentist. Remember to have fun, now and then. Live your life. Make your life part of your job. Make room for it. All of it - including nothing. Sometimes you have to decompress and percolate and maybe just think about things for a while.

I didn't do that, and I lost pretty much all of it. Insert sob story here, but nobody fucking cares and it won't help you for me to whinge about it. Just handle your shit. That's important. Invest your action in everything you want to keep in your life. Because when you don't, you're advertising that you don't really care about it or want it to stay there. And it won't.

Same goes for what you don't want in it. Stop encouraging it. Withdraw your attention. If people are hating on you and telling you that you won't succeed, or you're not good enough, or you're fat and ugly and nobody likes you, fuck that shit. Ignore them. Don't give them the time of day. The only thing you get from addressing that garbage is more of it.

Now, one of the dangers you face with this is that sometimes people will confuse being busy with being active. You can certainly invest a lot of activity on things you don't really care about or want. In the modern social networking era, it can actually be a full-time job being friendly - with over a thousand Facebook friends, for example, I can easily spend all day every day just clicking "Like" on my friends' pictures and status updates. But is that going to get me where I'm going? Is that what I want out of life - Facebook friends who enjoy my distant appreciation of their posts?

Well, to some degree, yes. That's a good thing and I like having that. But that can't be all I do. I also have to post on this blog and record YouTube videos and design graphics and write the book and develop products. Plus I've got to keep my close friends in the fold where they know they're my close friends, and respond to fans who have questions, and obsess over Laina. There's a lot to take care of, and taking care of it all... isn't easy.

Especially when you have other shit you want to do, like play Minecraft and read Cracked and watch anime.

It's really critical that you sit down and figure out how much time you have to spend on all the stuff in your life. Like, all of it. You need to build in time for everything that matters to you. That's the only way you can have a realistic picture of what you can accomplish and how soon you can be done.

Being active is a lot less about doing work than it is about not doing non-work. If you don't want something, stop wasting any more time on it than you absolutely have to. And if you can, hire someone to do that shit for you. Check out fiverr.com, and as a general rule, never do anything yourself that someone else will do for $5.