Interesting Question

Can I build out a complete self-hosted presence in a week?

Seriously, if I put my head into it and buckle down - which should be easy without the distraction of Facebook - could I go completely off third-party services?

Well, in a pure sense, "no" because I can't very well get on the internet without a service provider. And I need a domain registrar. It's also probably a Bad Idea to try and run my web hosting out of the house, if only because I can't be arsed to be my own sysadmin. And then there are some other things like PayPal and Amazon S3 and whatnot.

But could I move my entire business operation in-house and have zero dependence on Facebook? In a week? Could I free myself of all content restrictions?

I have a pretty good suite of products over here, and a significant amount of technical and design expertise. Between WordPress and SMF, I could probably lock down a pretty solid platform, and then the only issue is getting an audience to hang out and interact. Which I could probably do by leveraging the Legion of Badass, which Tom and Laura could ping with the URL of our new location.

I've been meaning to do a paid forum anyway, at some point, as kind of an upgrade to the newsletter.

This seems like a fun thing to discuss. I may do some kind of hangout with Jason Kanigan tomorrow night, just to explore possibilities - he's almost 100% self-hosted, and I'm almost 100% Facebook (excepting current conditions), just to explore ideas.

I miss interacting with you. It's one thing to stand up here and talk and stuff, but I miss the part where you can talk back. I'd like to fix that rather quickly.