How Your Story Works

So let's sum this all up and run through your story.

Once upon a time you didn't have something, and you needed it, so you decided to go out and get it. You made a plan, but following the plan was hard and you needed help; then you got special powers and completed the plan, and everything was much better.

Probably half of that story is "following the plan was hard and you needed help."

There are some core underlying features to this story which make it effective for establishing your badassery in whatever field you've chosen, and these seven parts lay it out pretty well:

blue-bucketWant - the bucket-brain segment begins with the point where you wanted something. You looked in your bucket and saw that it was empty, and of course that is a Bad Thing because you were and are selfish. We all started here, and there's nothing wrong with that; nobody was ever born a badass. The first step to getting on with your own personal brand of badassery was to develop your Belief that you could be a badass.

blue-beetleNeed - the beetle-brain started where you understood the need to have something. You couldn't just wait around for stuff to go in the bucket; you had to go out looking for it. You didn't do a very good job with it, because you were lazy, but every person can become a badass. So your next step, of course, was to develop an Awareness both of yourself and your chosen field - which you lacked simply because you were inexperienced.

blue-lizardDesire - you engaged your lizard-brain, and began to understood the desire that led you to pursue something. It's possible you changed your goal around here, since the experience you've gained beetling around can shed new light on the want you're trying to satisfy and the need you're trying to fulfill - you're still in the ignorant stage, but people can become badass at anything. You determined your Direction here.


Plan - firing up the dog-brain, you developed a plan. But in this stage of your badassery, you're still mean - although it largely stems from the arrogance that comes with the territory, since all badasses know they are badass. And at first, you see the world as being full of non-badass people, so you look down on them. The only cure for that is experience gained through Action, which is where you headed off next.

blue-monkeyStruggle - crossing the center line, you turned up your monkey brain and relied on the assistance of others to help you through the struggle of following your plan. It was here that you began to be more friendly, but never subservient, because badasses prefer doing their own things. You didn't let people tell you what to do, but you did figure out you were sort of an arsehole as you began to develop your System.

blue-manDiscovery - finally, you engaged that man-brain and got yourself figured out; you made the discovery of your own special skills or talents or powers. You became active in your own badassery, because badasses know why they do things. You get a clear picture of exactly who you were and what you were doing, and you began to develop your Story so you could make the final transition to cement your badassery once and for all.

blue-chiefTriumph - once you engage the chief-brain, and truly become tribal, you reach the stage where you triumph over the adversity of your want and can begin telling people what you've learned - mostly through your own experiences, because all badasses have unique origin stories. And now that you are a badass, that story can be related to others, and used to help them. It can be brought to the tribe as the core difference between us and them.

And that's the system, really. At its core, being a badass is about having a bunch of badass stories, which are about having a bunch of badass experiences, which in turn came from being in a bad place - it was the adversity of your situation that made you a badass. 

Next week, we'll talk about problem solving, and how the best thing you can do is FUCK it.