Gone FISHing

So as you've probably noticed, I'm kind of focused on product creation lately - which is because I've reached the point in all of this that it is definitely time to get some buy buttons involved with this project, and I'm primarily wrestling with the issue that I've only got solid, tangible success to report on four of the seven stages.

I'm working on the whole monkey-brain evolution, but while I understand what needs to be done and how to do it, I haven't exactly had stunning success with it. I've watched other people have stunning success with it, but the fact is, I'm still largely stuck with the dog-brain stage and having some difficulty integrating the monkey- and man-brain stuff into my business model. We all have our demons. Mine is a monkey.

So the question of exactly what to deliver there is what I'm wrestling with on that score, because while I have the rights to resell several products on the monkey-brain level... and also to edit them as I please, put my name on them, and claim copyright... I don't feel good about that. I don't think any of my customers would feel good about it, either. It's just not up to my standards.

So I'm kind of hovering around the whole product-creation thing, and thinking a lot about how it fits together and how this stuff works, because if there's one thing I'm a "guru" of right now, today - it's the mechanics of product creation.

Seriously, I've made and sold products of all sorts - text, audio, video, graphic, music, custom, etc. I've worked with clients and done PLR. I've ghostwritten and guest-written. I've done it online and I've done it offline, managed it as a project and used Colin's "Fuck It, Do It Live" philosophy.

So what I'm going to cover this week is a way of dividing up the different shit you know and can deliver to people, so you can turn it into effective products.

I call it FISHing, because hey, teach a man to FISH, right? That's a perfect way to put things.

Meanwhile, your products are kind of like giving a man a FISH. And if you're a FISHerman, or a "FISHer of men" should you like biblical references, selling FISH is how you make your living. It's this awesome little concept by which I am far too amused.

Basically, there are four stages of your product promotion. They go like this.

  • Find the people who are going to want or need your product.
  • Inform them that you have a thing they want and need.
  • Show them how to do or get this thing they want and need.
  • Help them get even better results with it.

This actually maps pretty closely to the SLOT machine. Your Site is where they Find you, your List is where you Inform them how awesome your stuff is, your Offer is where you Show them how to get results, and when they're in your Tribe you can Help them do even more.

It also maps to the first part of the BADASS methodology. You have to Find them and give them the Belief you can help. Then you Inform them to give them Awareness you can help. Your product Shows them and gives them Direction. And then your Help leads them to take Action.

It's all interconnected. Nothing exists in a vacuum. And over the rest of the week, I'll go over each of these elements and clarify it somewhat.

Well, not really the rest of the week. The next couple hours. It's already the end of the week. I'm just backdating posts to fill things in and make it look like I post every day. Which I do, on the average.

I mean, we all know the old joke. Three statisticians went bear hunting. They saw a bear, and the first one fired but he missed by three feet to the left. The second one fired, but he missed by three feet to the right. The third one yelled "We got him!" So, alerted by the noise, the bear came over and said "you ain't here for the huntin', are you?" and the statisticians looked at each other and said "dammit, we're in the wrong joke,"

We'll talk about finding your audience/customers tomorrow. LOL, not really, more like in a few minutes. But let's pretend.