General Badassery Episode 40

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I'm tired.

Really, that's all it is. I'm just tired. I've been working nonstop producing and promoting a live event for August 18th, and that work has produced minimal results.

Instead, what it's produced is a lot of complaining that this is not what people want to see from me and they don't understand and what the hell do I think I'm doing.

So let me lay it out for you. All in one place. Where you can see the grand scheme of things and where it all fits together.

The Badass Manifesto blog is the loss-leader for a book. A real book, a physical book, somewhere upwards of 350 pages. Everything on here is designed to point in that direction so when the book is done, people will buy it.

The book, in turn, is the initial step toward a pair of higher-ticket infoproducts; one written and audio, one video. And those, in turn, lead into a series of added products, categorised according to the stages and principles detailed in the book.

It's the same basic thing. Free loss leader, an inexpensive tripwire, a mid-price written + audio, and a higher-ticket video course. Across all seven steps.

Then you hit the last level, where it opens up with the Legion of Badass on Facebook - the loss leader - and then leads into a paid newsletter, a slightly more expensive membership site, and finally a high-ticket live event.

Nine levels, with four offers at each level. Stairsteps, leading from the zero-trust boundary where people aren't willing to put in more than a little time... to a high-trust level where they spend a few hundred or thousand dollars.

The purpose of all this is to fund an effort to help a dozen people become multimillionaires by the end of 2020. I don't need to be one of them; I wouldn't know what to do with that much money anyway. I'm sure I'd find something, but honestly, you get too far into six figures and I just don't need that much crap.

I've had money. It didn't make me happy. I don't have a whole lot of interest in chasing after it again. I don't need much. In fact, I need a lot less than I thought. The things you own end up owning you, as they say. Simplify, simplify.

But back to the plan.

If you back up three years to when I was doing the System Sixty project, you'll find that it's pretty much the same plan. Back up three more, where I was saying that what we needed was a self-paced course that taught how to build a business properly; same idea. Three more, to when I was working on the PILOT system - Perception, Initiatlve, Leadership, Opportunity, Teamwork - and you find the exact same core concept.

Three more, and it wasn't out in the wild yet... it was just an idea in my head. Took me a couple years to articulate it.

But I've been doing the same thing for ten years. I've never been particularly secretive about it.

Why people don't understand what I'm doing completely eludes me. It's like they're not even paying attention.

So I'm locking down the filters.

Like the Facebook page, I'll post occasionally in there. Join the Legion of Badass, I'll post frequently in there. Join the mailing list, I'm going to start sending daily emails.

The blog, I'm not worried about anymore. The podcast is effectively over. Neither of them has done much of anything to improve my business.

The most either of them has done is give my audience a release valve to satisfy whatever desire they may have for my content.

I'm moving the podcast into the newsletter, which is $20 a month. The SLOT Machines report will still come with a trial subscription automatically.

But my audience has spoken pretty loudly on this: they don't want, need, or value what I'm doing.

So I'm going to stop doing it.

I had everything pretty well mapped out for the rest of the year. Well, the Jewish year, anyway; mid-September. That's when I look back and think about what is and isn't working, what does and doesn't produce results, and how things need to change in the coming year.

I'm just doing that a month early. nbd

I won't be pulling all the content that's already here; that would be kind of stupid. But for the moment, I have no plans to post further. If you're interested in keeping up with what I'm doing, you should join the mailing list.

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