General Badassery – Episode 39

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Holy crap, nine months of podcasts. Can you fuckin' believe it?

I'm sitting here right now looking at podcast #39 and doing the math and going "holy crap, really?"

It's been a really long road, but I've also really enjoyed this. I kind of went off the rails during the podcast and just rambled about immigration and stuff, but mostly this week I just wanted to go "wow, having a whole lot of content really matters."

I talk about something I call the "ten percent rule" when it comes to storytelling, too. This is where you construct a story so long, you can never tell the whole thing.

You only tell at most ten percent of it.

If anyone wants to hear it all, they have to see you tell it at least ten times.

The end result is that they continue to enjoy the story, even if they've heard it before. Which is the solution to only having a few stories.

I'm kind of frazzled right now from doing all this recording tonight, so I'm going to duck out and go grab supplies before the Friday Night Badasses hangout. But I wanted to give you a little bit of something extra in here before I left.

I have a lot of stuff on the drawing board for the next few weeks, and I'm also working hard on this live event. So stay tuned.

It is just starting to get good.