General Badassery – Episode 38

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Live events are simultaneously stressful and exciting.

We're running one August 18th, here in Wilmington, North Carolina. It's a pretty basic event - one day, with a high-ticket mastermind upsell for day two. And the content is pretty easy, since we already have it.

Jason's going to do a presentation for about three hours about constructing a business from the ground up, and then we break for lunch before I take over and give a three hour talk about lifestyle business and the CASINO system and that kind of thing. It's going to be kind of a combination of stuff.

I mean, maybe this is just me, but I want my live events to be... unique. I don't want them to just repeat what I've already said previously. I want new stuff! New information, new approaches, influences from all the books I've read since I first made my notes.

That's probably the most important thing about a business, in my opinion. Or a life. Definitely important in a lifestyle business.

Perpetual growth.

Growth is a thing that's actually pretty well understood, and you already understand it. Imagine a garden.

You take a seed, and you put it somewhere that it's capable of growing. You feed and water it. You give it time. You remove the weeds and pests that may damage it. And eventually, it blossoms.

You work exactly the same way. Construct an environment where you can easily read and research and just sit around thinking. Go there and do that - read books, browse the internet, relax and think about what you just learned.

That's your feeding, and you also need water - all the usual components of life. Eat well, drink enough water, exercise, etc. Pay your bills. Sleep regularly, that sort of thing.

And then you can add the metaphor of sunlight, which is your environment - the people you hang around, the places you go. Try to be around good people in good places where you can have fun and be happy.

When problems pop up in your business, those are weeds, pull them as quickly as possible by solving or working around the problem. When people intrude on your business, those are pests - eliminate them from your life as much as possible. (Preferably not by poisoning them, though.)

Putting yourself in this state makes things happen. It's a productive place to work on new ideas and new plans and come up with ways to improve yourself, your life, your products and services.

Then you just go do it.

A lot of people really get stuck in the idea of doing things, but they never stop to grow. These are the kind of people who work in a dead-end job for thirty years, then get their layoff notice and think "but I don't know how to do anything else" when they realise their entire profession has basically been automated out of existence.

I am fundamentally an embedded systems programmer. I worked my way up from that and became a systems developer, an application developer, a web developer. I learned new disciplines - human factors engineering, user experience, basic design skills - because that was the only way I could keep getting work.

Eventually I had to admit that my skill set was no longer valuable in that arena, and I transitioned to project management. My highest and best use was no longer writing code in a cubicle.

The only thing that kept me going that entire time was perpetual growth. Even if I had to learn things I didn't care about. Even if I had to do jobs I didn't really like.

The more tightly defined your identity is, the more you will ignore because you don't do that.

There are two ways to learn - you can go broad, learning a lot of different subjects, or you can go deep and know one subject really well.

Broad education is far more powerful than deep education.

I'm probably going to do a lot of talking about that in the near future.