General Badassery Episode 36

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So let's talk a little more about disbelief leading to distrust, like I mentioned in the podcast. (You should listen first.) The core disconnect there is that if I don't believe what you say, my inherent assumption is that you are wrong.

That doesn't mean you can't alter that, probably by showing me some proof, as happened with a coaching student who came out of nowhere and knew nothing about the internet marketing world and claimed to be making multiple six figures annually. Online. Without any internet marketing exposure.

So a webcam was fired up and documents were displayed, and holy crap seriously? No background, all just... self-taught? In a vacuum?


It happens. I didn't believe so I had to be shown. That's where the trust had to come from. "Show me."

We see this in Frank Kern's stuff all the time.  He has to prove his results, over and over. It's one of the things that divides the internet business world from the rest of the world: we don't have a lot of trust. We don't look one another in the eye, we don't shake hands, we don't hang out at the bar.

We're just profile pictures and names. Some places, those names aren't even real.

And we all want to see proof, which in America means cash, and that means we chucked the whole taboo about telling people what kind of money you make. We advertise our salaries and incomes and outlays and profits. We get on Twitter and say we just landed a $50k client.

Some people are offended and say they'd never work with that guy. They inhabit a slightly different world.

The thing is, on the internet, you are frequently working with someone whose mindset is different than yours. They're not prepared to believe you know what you're talking about, and you have to show them. They're sceptical.

This is something you can overcome by going to events, of course, but some people can't make it out to events. Particularly newbies, who have only just started and probably wouldn't spend what it takes to go to an event anyway.

So we do the next best thing: we show screenshots, and we have little dashboards in our marketplaces where we can check up on people and see what they're really selling and how much they're likely making. It's the only real information we have about whether someone's approach works.

Whenever we disbelieve what someone's saying, we automatically assume either that they are wrong, or that they are lying. And being the suspicious sort of people we are, a lot of us just assume it's lying until we see some kind of evidence otherwise.

Generating trust can be difficult. Of course, this post is getting a little long now, so I'll leave further discussion of that to the Facebook thread in the Legion of Badass. Jump in and add your two cents. If you're not a member, just send a join request.