General Badassery Episode 27

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Okay, so here's the thing about making your work into a game.

There are about five major things you have to kind of integrate into your life, and the first one is that as you go through your day to day business, you should automatically turn your experiences into information. Like when you go to the grocery store, you should see things that are related - or could relate - to whatever it is you do.

The next thing you have to develop is some sort of process where that information turns into content that can be read by others. Sitting in your head, it's no good to anyone. You need to share it.

Once you've developed and shared that content, the next thing you need s a method of turning that content into products. Collect it, categorise it, bundle it into neat little packages.

Next you need to work out how to turn products into money, which is simple enough on the face of it - you just ask for it. Just sell it to people.

And finally, you need a way to turn that money into more. Not necessarily more money, but more something you can drop into the machine again. You can use it to support a new experience, or to have some older information turned into new content, or to have someone else go through your content and make products.

Find a way to roll some of the profits back into your efforts, so the machine feeds itself.

When you get ths running well, and admittedly I have still got my struggles making all this happen, your life turns into yourr work and you just go through your day watching the cool shit you want to do... just naturally fall out of your day to day life.

It's a hell of a dream. And I'm doing pretty good on the first half of it.