General Badassery Episode 26

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Further notes on complexity...

A lot of things that seem complicated are not, because if you have a problem, chances are someone else has had that same problem and solved it.

It doesn't matter how hard it is to write an email autoresponder and run a server to host it, because dozens of people will do that for you at $20 a month.

Even if you want to run your own server for some reason, you can buy software to do it for a couple hundred bucks. (Sendy is $60. I'm not sure how good it is though.) So the complexity is still reduced.

A lot of people get "not invented here"(NIH) syndrome for no good reason. They want the reputation of doing everything themselves from scratch because...


Because they're dumb, I guess?

Don Lapre - the "tiny classified ads" guy - taught me a tremendously important lesson in that course.

Never do anything yourself when someone else will do it for five bucks an hour. 

That extends to all kinds of other things: why would I invest a year and a half of my life building membership software, when I can just go buy that software from someone who already wrote it?

I can understand that if it's not what i need. I find that a lot - I want a given feature, but nothing has it. But it's much easier to build that functionality as a plugin than it is to construct the whole thing from scratch.

So when you're putting stuff together to run your business, look to what other people have done and how they did it before you start from scratch. It saves a lot of time and money.