Further Up Front

So here we are on the monkey-brain section, dealing with the letters R and O... ro, ro, ro your boat... ensign Ro Laran on Deep Space Nine, anyone? Or maybe the Greek letter P. I'm a little punchy. I get that way when I go all train-of-thought and shit.

Regardless, we're out on the BEACH and just going further up FRONT. And the first thing you want your customers to do once they've been through your Funnel is to Return.

See, where most people completely fuck up their business plan is where they forget that a repeat customer is the best Goddamn kind of customer you can get. The customer you want is one who hangs on your every word and buys every single thing you put out there on the market, because they know damn well it is fucking gold and packed with amazing stuff.

This doesn't happen overnight, so you're not getting that advice from anyone who hasn't been in the game for several years. They just don't have the experience to see it. This isn't because they're defective or anything, it's just where they are and what they can see from there.

That's why nobody ever walks out of nowhere and becomes a guru overnight. There's a reason the guru is sitting on top of the mountain: because he climbed the fucking thing. And until you're on top of the mountain, too, you can't see what he sees.

But at the same time, he has to be looking. Too many would-be gurus go "I am far enough up the mountain; 99.9% of people won't make it this high up, so they will buy my shit because I am higher than they are."

And then people like me go "what are you, high?" and they go "higher than 99.9% of others, like I said" and somebody else makes a 4:20 joke and then Brad Gosse shows up and nothing gets accomplished for the rest of the day because everybody's arguing about Bitcoins.

But you know, Brad's looking. I'm looking. A bunch of other people are looking. And on top of that, we recognise that we're not at the top of the mountain yet and we need to keep climbing. We look, and what we can't see, we climb a little bit higher to get a better vantage point.

And when you look at my background, and Brad's background, and a lot of these other people's backgrounds... you find ten or twenty years of working like a motherfucker. You also usually find a bunch of shit jobs. And you quite frequently find significant periods of serious illness, or drug addiction, or homelessness, or physical recovery. You find a respect for work in and of itself.

Largely because of some period of time where there was no choice but to work like a motherfucker. Even Brendon Burchard, one of the youngest gurus out there, had a major accident and a long recovery. And it's during those periods when these people tend to have their epiphany.

Nobody can do your physical therapy for you. Nobody can kick your alcoholism for you. Nobody can fix your eating disorder for you. These are things you have no choice but to fix yourself. Sure, other people can be there, they can support you, they can be an important part of your recovery. But they cannot do it for you.

And this is why your job at this stage is to get your customers to Return by producing some sort of content which adds to the value of what they've already gotten from you, if they are paying fucking attention.

You're focusing in at this point. What you want is not to get as many people as possible, but to find out just how many of the people in your audience give enough of a shit to come back for higher-level training. The easiest way is to do a Q&A webinar, and the purpose of that is to get people who have questions. These are the people who give a shit. The people who are paying attention and might actually be worth more of your time.

And at that point, you present them with an Opportunity. This comes in three stages, moving forward from the monkey-brain into the man-brain and toward the chief-brain stuff. But we're going to stop short of the chief-brain stuff, because the chief level is just integrating this process into an overall system where you're doing it over and over.

The opportunity should begin as a physical product. Something you can hold in your hand. This is the important thing: you need to physically enter their world and have a place there. The pure digital stuff is one thing, but you need to get physical at some point, and this is a good place to do it.

Now stay tuned for the final bits, because I figured out what the N stands for about twenty minutes ago. Boo-yah, my Legion, boo-yah.