Facebook Issues

Facebook has disabled my account because they don't think this is my real name. I'm trying to submit my ID for verification, but this has been a right pain in the arse. So here's like, the scenario as it stands.

Initially, I submitted my ID through the form provided, but I got an email saying it was the wrong form. The link to the right form didn't work.



I responded to this email reporting the error and attached my ID. I haven't received a response, and on the off chance that the address was unmonitored, I went through the form on the support site, which would not let me submit it.

fberror2So now I'm basically in limbo and have no idea whether they've got my ID or seen my email at all. But for the moment, it looks in every way as though my account and the Badass Manifesto page have disappeared entirely from Facebook.

The Legion of Badass is still up and running, and Laura Lang and Tom Garman are in place as admins, so that should be fine for the moment until I can get everything worked out and get back - but I have no idea when that will be.

The good news is that I've violated no policies other than having a name someone thought was fake. Since it's not fake, I've sent them my ID to demonstrate that it's my real name, and if they have received this information properly they'll automatically go "well shit, that's fine then."

The bad news is I have no way to know whether they've got the information. None of the avenues I have available to resubmit it are working. So I'm going to get the newsletter finished and send it out, then sit in my room curled into the fetal position and crying.

Wait, no, not that. I'm going to get busy putting together something that doesn't rely on Facebook. That's what I'm going to do.

I've already been meaning to do that, as the end of the newsletter already alludes, and I don't want to pivot the newsletter content to include bitching about my Facebook problems. It's nothing I can do much about right now, anyway.