Don’t Stay A Dog

So I promised a couple days (an hour) ago to explain why you don't want to stop at being a dog-brain, and I'm totally going to keep that promise, but first I'm going to invoke the Ziegarnik effect with an open loop to make you read some other important shit.

Paul Myers taught me that on the Warrior Forum. A lot of people trash the Warrior Forum, and I tend to hold the general membership and especially the WSO section in quite a bit of contempt. But there are good people there, and a lot of good lessons to be learned.

And what Paul Myers taught me was that you have to sell people what they want to hear. It doesn't matter whether they need it or not. You have to sell them that, because that's the only way they're going to buy anything from you. And once they've bought from you, then you tell them what they need to hear.

But the critical factor here is you still need to tell them what you promised them.

See, I'm going to tell you how to make ten thousand dollars in twenty minutes, but first I'm going to tell you that you can't make ten thousand dollars in twenty fucking minutes. It's not possible. It can't be done. Not from scratch. In order to make ten thousand dollars in twenty minutes, you have to spend weeks or months constructing a system which is capable of generating ten thousand dollars at all.

But then you get to ignore those weeks and months, and just count the twenty minutes it took you to write an ad for your product, then call someone on the phone and ask them to support your product. Hey, guy with massive mailing list, can I buy a solo ad on your list that has a quarter of a million subscribers? Great! Here it is please mail it!

And you get 25,000 people to click your link and 10,000 to opt in on your mailing list and 500 to buy your $20 product and that's $10,000 when all you did was spent twenty minutes writing an ad.

This is technically not a lie. It's real. It's really in there, how to make $10,000 in twenty minutes. You could do that. All you need is a product you can sell for $20, and enough cash on hand to buy a solo ad from someone you know that has a 250,000 person mailing list.

Oh, you uh, need to know someone with a big list. Who will mail for you. If you pay them. That could take, um, a significant amount of time. As could building that product which you sell for $20. And it has to match the list, so you should probably find the guy with the list first. Also you need to have money; solo ads on a six-figure list aren't generally cheap.

This is valuable information. How do you meet these people and figure out what kind of list they have and what kind of product to sell them and what their solo ads cost? That is important shit. People need to know that.

But nobody wants to buy "learn this" or "study this" or "build this" - they want to buy "this is dead fucking easy and a monkey could do it and it's almost done for you."

So that's what you have to sell.

Which is precisely why I said you don't want to stay a dog-brain all the time.

Because dog-brains are so stunningly full of bullshit they simply cannot retain credibility.

A dog-brain will inevitably end up in the business of selling one thing and delivering another. And this gap will widen ever more over time, because of course you're improving your business which means bigger and bigger lies to attract more and more customers to give you better and better launches.

This is what frustrated me about being in the product business. You have to be completely full of shit. You don't have a choice. And this is the tipping point, where you have to decide whether this is what you want your life to be or not. Are you just completely full of shit, and you like it that way, and it's the kind of life you want to live?

Well, you have to move beyond that, eventually. And the next step up is to monkey-brain it, which we'll pretend to cover tomorrow except it's really like right after I save this.