Connecting More Dots

Let's take some time to explicitly call out some of the connections in the stuff we've gone over so far, so you can develop that cohesive whole in your head about how this all fits together.

I mean, when you toss a bunch of stuff in the bucket, you still just have a bucket.

Bucket full of notes
I has a bukkit

It's still up to your own initiative to take all the stuff in that bucket and make it into something meaningful, like the SWIFT distinction among different circles of a community.

Cards labeled SWIFT
Granted, I'm a little slow about explaining this

I haven't gone over this yet. There's a lot of stuff in the bucket I haven't gone over. But right now, let's take a few days to go over the stuff in the bucket and knit it into some tighter connections. That's how it works. You take all the stuff in your bucket, and you collect it into little packets, and you stick a title on the packet and wrap a rubber band around it.

That bucket would be pretty fucking useless if it were all just a big game of 1,200 pick-up. (Yes, there are 1,200 cards of notes in there.) But by wrapping it up into about 150 or so packs, it becomes manageable.

Now, in the same way, a few months back I went over a lot of detailed information where we covered the function of the brain and the animal metaphor and the connections with SLIM and FAT over the course of about seven weeks. This time, I'm going to cover the same stuff in about two weeks, with the express intention not of explaining that connection - but of binding it into a tighter package so it makes more sense and can be more applicable to your daily life and business activities.

I mean, you get it. If not, you can go review if you like - I'm putting together an email course to walk new readers through this, but I'm hitting some technical difficulties in that GetResponse has kind of a retarded interface and I have to write my own gateway into the API to do this in any reasonable fashion - but it's not really necessary. Most of the core bits are covered and I'll link back to the original week of discussion as we go.

I know this is coming out a little short, but I'll make up for it the rest of the week. Some of this stuff is going to come out very long indeed.