SHIT Beetles

The problem with getting started on your journey to badassery is that the only thing you really have is the SHIT people have thrown at you over the course of your life. And since it's all you have, you kind of don't want to get rid of it.

Just like your typical dung beetles, who carry their ball of shit around with them forever and eat it and mate on it and hatch their children in it. Most people will never transcend this beetle brain stage.

Hey, want to see the reason why we can't have nice things, as a general rule?

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Buckets and Libraries

I'd sort of like to wrap up this whole bucket and library thing somehow. Make it easier to understand. I drew a bunch of diagrams, but they just seemed to make the whole thing more complicated and the metaphor got all tangled and twisted up.

The problem is that I'm trying to describe two very different things in a single process, and they kind of don't easily meld into a single metaphor. On the one hand, I have to explain how it is that people gather information from the world around them, and that's the bucket. On the other, I have to explain how it is that people manage this information, which is the library.

So basically we have to use magic.

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Fighting the SLIMness

I've talked extensively in the past about the natural tendency of people to be SLIM - Selfish, Lazy, Ignorant, and Mean - and how that's really not all that productive so we need to fight those tendencies.

The important thing to remember is that you're not supposed to be the exact opposite. You might think Generous, Employed, Educated, and Kind is the correct response, but that's just being a GEEK - not that there's anything wrong with that, but if you look around at geeks, they tend to be unhappy. And there's a reason for this.

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Further Up Front

So here we are on the monkey-brain section, dealing with the letters R and O... ro, ro, ro your boat... ensign Ro Laran on Deep Space Nine, anyone? Or maybe the Greek letter P. I'm a little punchy. I get that way when I go all train-of-thought and shit.

Regardless, we're out on the BEACH and just going further up FRONT. And the first thing you want your customers to do once they've been through your Funnel is to Return.

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Hit The Beach

Okay, so we've powered through the beetle-brain and lizard-brain elements and it's time to get into the dog-brain. This is where the money starts to be made, so you should like this part.

And hey, you know how I've been saying I didn't plan this or lay it out or anything? Fuck that disclaimer. Here at the halfway point, I have fucking got this. I know every single element of this BEACHFRONT shit except the N, and I am pretty sure I can come up with something by the time I get there. The first couple bits were iffy, but now that I'm building up a head of steam, I'm laying this out like buckwheat through a goose. I am a leaf on the Goddamn wind, motherfucker. 

Besides, I'm sure I know an N-word or two.

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BEACHFRONT Product Creation Day Two

Okay, so let's recap real quick just to make sure we're on the same page. We're working on the BEACHFRONT product creation method because it's a word with ten letters and none of them are repeated, so each of them can stand for one of the ten steps in my notes. I have not rehearsed or planned this and it is fucking insane of me to try it, but fuck that shit, I'm a badass and I can do this.

Now, we've already covered the B&E part where you get your foot in the door with Blogging and Engagement. And now, since we're on the beach and it's fucking hot, let's turn on the A/C.

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Ten Step Product Thing

This is something I pulled out of my notes which is reasonably fresh, since it's up on the top and the cards are clearly all pristine and white. It's a product creation process which lays out all the individual steps of creating a product in a nice, logical order that has a number of steps which is evenly divisible by five and therefore makes a great week's worth of posts.

Sorry, did I say that out loud? That's sort of a secret. I like making stuff with four and five steps because that way it fits very nicely into five blog posts. Sometimes I need to do six steps, or occasionally seven, and then I've got one thing on the way out which has seventeen but it's divided up into smaller pieces with some mnemonics and shit.

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Show, Don’t Tell

So we hear this all the time: show, don't tell. It's a hallmark of good writing. It's also, in a slightly different way, a hallmark of good product creation. Your Offer needs to Show the process you're talking about.

Have you ever noticed that people love complaining about how various products are "stuffed up with fluff" and that 33 page report could have been just two or three pages?

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