Motivation And Shit

Let me take a short detour here, as I'll tend to do on Sundays, just to cover something you might be noticing off to the side of the main discussion.

One of the biggest problems people face when starting to develop badassery, and this certainly applies to me, is other people trying to talk you out of it. It sometimes seems like a complete waste of time, especially in the early stages of it - you get out there to do your thing and say "I'm gonna be a badass!" immediately before making a giant dork of yourself.

And that's when people will heap the most SHIT on you, because deep down they know that even trying to be a badass has to be prevented, lest you actually succeed and make them look foolish. Which, since we've been hardwired from day one to avoid the negative more than we seek the positive, can really make you feel like it's simply not fucking worth it.

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