Is This Thing On?

문을 박차면 모두 날 바라봄
굳이 애써 노력 안 해도
모든 남자들은 코피가 팡팡팡

Sorry, been listening to a lot of BLACKPINK lately.

It's been almost three years since the last blog post, but fuck it, I need to get some shit up here. It's time. What does the new and improved Badass Manifesto look like? Whither the book? What's up with the newsletter? What's up with the product updates?

Well, let me lay some stuff out here.

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Entering the New Year

The past year has been kind of outrageous. I've neglected a lot of stuff over the past three months, including the newsletter - I an currently powering through an entire three-month backlog, of which I have one month completed and two more to go.

I had a lot of plans for this year that didn't get into place. It's mostly me and my own problems, dealing with a major depressive episode over the last couple months, the chaos and confusion of moving four times over the course of the year.

And to top it off, on Monday the fourth I'm moving back into my parents' basement. There are a lot of reasons for that, but it comes down to this: my income is simply not stable and reliable enough.

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Pursuing the FATness

Now, yesterday (a few minutes ago) I was talking about how your SLIMness problem with getting some beer might have been solved if you could ask your neighbour for a ride to the store, but of course you probably don't know your neighbours. Because of the SLIMness.

So you need to pursue some FATness instead - being Friendly, Active, and Tribal. If you were Friendly, you would know your neighbours and have their phone number and you could ring Bob up on your mobile and say "hey, got no beer for the game" and maybe Bob even says "come over, I have plenty." And then you see who has the bigger TV and you both watch the game there. With the beer.

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Thought Organisation

Things are really ramping up right now, so I'm going to spend the next dozen posts or so just organising my thoughts. Think of it as a preview for the upcoming book - we're well past the time it should be finished and out there, but I procrastinate.

You never get over that, you know? You never stop looking at the stuff you have to do and going "that is a lot of work and also it is scary and plus I don't want to." And that's why people end up doing nothing. They hate themselves for it, but they still end up doing nothing. And hating themselves.

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Scheduling and Time Travel

Time travel weirds blogging in much the same way verbing weirds language.

I have really not been posting here like I should have (just Music Video Saturdays), so I built up this big backlog of posts that need to be done. This is the twelfth in the series of posts I have to make before I am caught up. I'm a little less than halfway there. By the time I'm done, I will have over two hundred posts on this blog.

That's pretty fucking amazing.

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The Illusion of Control

One of the hardest things for people to understand and accept about their lives is that they are fundamentally not in charge of them.

We live in an uncertain world. We are surrounded by unreliable people. Indeed, we ourselves are unreliable. Our bodies are fragile; so, too, are our very minds. We cannot see the future; it is unpredictable. You couldn't account for every possible situation, even if you tried with both hands.

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Technical Setbacks

So last month, I started this Facebook group called the Legion of Badass and one of the things I do every week is record a special video only they get to see.

Except last week, I couldn't do that because YouTube was being a bitch. (I'm doing two videos for them this week.) And that's really the problem a lot of people don't roll into their time estimates and deadlines: what if something goes wrong?

Because let's take a look at what it really means when you upload your video to YouTube and get told it's the wrong file format.

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Why Conversion Isn’t The Issue

So a couple days ago, my boy Dexter Abraham posted an article on Facebook about customer development.

And to be perfectly blunt, I found this article completely wrong-headed.

It's not that it isn't coming from a place of experience and knowledge - clearly, it is - but it is also coming from a very shortsighted place. The authors assume from the very beginning that what every single business wants and needs to do is to make the audience happy.

That's not always the best strategy.

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Hitting The Home Stretch

Way back when I first started this blog, I set a couple of goals.

One of those was to get 100 pure-content posts out there as the core of my book. And at this writing, I have just over that - 101 posts, not counting Sundays or Music Video Saturdays. Basically, each week of posts forms the first draft for one chapter of the book, and 20 chapters is enough. So the book is... well... done, in first draft form. I need to expand some things a little. Flip some stuff around. Work around images and such that might need clearance or present legal issues.

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