And Like That, POOF

As you might have figured out, there's a point in your story where you actually do get skills or powers or abilities, and this is that point. You've reached the part where you blossom out of the animal brain and become, you know, a man.

In the biological sense, not the gender-specific one. Some of the manliest people I know are women. Not all of them were born women, but fuck it, that counts.

And what your skills and powers and abilities allow you to do is create a system which other people can follow, which will give them your skills and powers and abilities, so they can fight the kind of battles you fought - and win. Just like you did.

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Recap And Apology

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are occasionally riddled with self-doubt and a lack of confidence, and fucking liars.

I'm having one of those occasions lately, since a lot of my friends are having great success stories, which happens at the end of summer in this industry... and a lot of my other friends are starting college, which happens at the end of summer in general.

And I'm still sitting here posting on my blog, editing my book so I can publish it, writing my emails so I can start listbuilding, scripting my videos to go on YouTube, building graphics to share on social media, finishing some reports that can actually have a price tag on them. I'm doing everything but making any tangible progress that either sits in my wallet or looks different than these basement walls.

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Let’s get this FART party started

Okay, so you've taken the want into your bucket-brain and filled your bucket to develop Belief, and you've recognised the need so you fired up your beetle-brain and did a lot of stuff that didn't work to develop Awareness, and you found the desire which led you to your lizard-brain and you've pursued that to determine your Direction, and now you are beginning to build a plan which will take you into your dog-brain - and what do we always blame on the dog?!

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The FOCUS Factor

If you've been around any kind of marketing community at all, you've heard this one:

FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful

Good advice, and you should follow it, but what course?

Well, now you know.

Wait, what?

You're transitioning into the lizard-brain stage. You filled your bucket. You beetle-brained around and tried a bunch of shit. Everyone laughed when you sat down at the piano, but you were an idiot and kind of an arsehole and they laughed even harder when you played.

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The Exodus

So yesterday we talked about how your story begins, and of course I'm going to be offensive and draw biblical parallels because fuck you.

You started out with want, but you didn't know about it because your bucket was empty. Now you transition through filling your bucket and you go "hey, I need to do something about this thing that is wanting in my life."

And this is where you start the beetle-brain thing and you gather up your little ball of dung and start rolling it.

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In The Beginning

Now, we've talked a bit about the bucket already this week, but let's continue in that vein and point out that it's a growing metaphor.

See, the bucket is also the library is also your memory palace.

And it's all related to the S in SLIM, because all the bucket understands is want. You do not have a thing, and you should have that thing, because... well, because it is a thing. There's a reason "want" is a synonym for both "lack" and "desire." Want creates desire naturally, unless it is filtered through need.

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The Final Kicker

So to close all this up, we have the final reality. It's not even a rule you have to follow, because it simply is what it is.

Badasses all have unique origin stories.

No matter what kind of badass you are, how big or how small, or what exactly it is you're a badass of doing... go back to rule one where nobody was ever born a badass. You had to start somewhere and get to the badass part on a path that nobody else has ever taken before.

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