Gaining Some Independence

What we've reached at this point is the lizard brain. I don't mean that in the literal triune brain theory sense, in which the term "lizard brain" refers to the basal ganglia at the core of the brain - the R-complex once thought to comprise actual sauropsid physiology - because that theory actually incorporates all the various lobes in a series of layers. It's also widely regarded as an oversimplification, although the idea of deeper layers being more primitive remains useful in comparative neuroanatomy.

What I actually mean here is a series of behaviours and drives which are similar to those that drive reptilian instinct. This includes the standard eat/fuck/kill instinct, of course, but also a notion of territorialism and status-seeking. It's a manifestation of ignorance, in that it ignores pretty much the entire context of everything so it can seek its own goals and dreams and desires.

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