Go For It

The distinguishing characteristic of the lizard-brain is primarily the conservation of energy. Instead of pushing its stuff around all over the place, the lizard puts its stuff in one place and stays there. It only picks up and moves when it sees something useful and desirable, or when something distressing and undesirable shows up.

There are very different problem-solving strategies as you progress through the different animal levels, honestly. I mean the bucket-brain solves nothing. A bucket-brain just kind of sits there and waits for stuff to show up, but if it doesn't land in the bucket the bucket-brain just sits there and bitches that someone else got his stuff.

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The FOCUS Factor

If you've been around any kind of marketing community at all, you've heard this one:

FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful

Good advice, and you should follow it, but what course?

Well, now you know.

Wait, what?

You're transitioning into the lizard-brain stage. You filled your bucket. You beetle-brained around and tried a bunch of shit. Everyone laughed when you sat down at the piano, but you were an idiot and kind of an arsehole and they laughed even harder when you played.

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The Central Mission

So we've had that moment where you go from not being born a badass, to the belief that anyone can become a badass. That's the first major step, but we already know that.

And from this, we move on to the awareness stage. At first, people always come to this understanding - this belief - thinking they have to see a person being badass. They take that step into the lizard brain where they're looking around going "what is a badass, anyway?" and trying to see people who are badass. They think "I need to find a kind of badass that I can be."

So they look at badasses wherever they can, trying to find someone they can emulate - what the NLP boys call "modeling" - and become a badass. How they need to dress and act and behave.

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That’s Right, We BAD

In the classic 1980 movie Stir Crazy, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder are framed for bank robbery and sent to prison. As they approach the cell, Pryor coaches Wilder to "get bad, or else you gonna get fucked" and by the time they reach the cell they're twitching and bouncing around like junkies.

"That's right... that's right, we bad," Pryor announces as they enter the cell. "Uh-huh, uh-huh, we bad. We don't want no shit, either."

"That's right," adds Wilder. "Darn right."

Well, he tried.

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Go Get It, Boy

So we've got a belief - or a dream - and some awareness of how true that belief/dream is. It doesn't have to be a religious belief. It primarily needs to be something about how you, yes you, can be a badass. A real badass, not just a fake propped-up badass swaggering and brandishing your blade as you talk of bold battles and gold you have made.

Sorry, I've been playing Skyrim a lot lately and have "Ragnar the Red" stuck in my brain right now.

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Beyond Belief

Now, yesterday, I pointed out that it doesn't really matter whether what you believe is true so long as you believe in something.

Which, on its face, is true. The world is full of people who get through their day by believing in specific concepts and ideas which may or may not be completely fucking retarded.

A lot of people talk to me about the law of attraction and The Secret. And then I talk to them about how the natural result of this belief is that you will go around waiting for things to happen to you, instead of, you know... doing things.

And they say "well, with an attitude like that, you are only going to attract difficulty and hardship into your life." Because like Yogi Berra said - some people, if they don't know, you can't tell 'em.

Most ignorance is willful.

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Macaroni Pictures

Way back in 2011, I was supposed to do a speaking engagement at a marketing seminar but I had a personal crisis and couldn't make it. So instead, they gave Tim Castleman my slot, and he proceeded to get really drunk and use a lot of foul language because I guess he figured they came to see me so he should probably do something more or less like I would do. He did a good job, because if you're looking for someone kind of like me, you could do a lot worse than Tim. And hey, we're both better than Don Wilson.

But what I was going to talk about at that seminar was something I called the Need/Want/Desire triangle. I had it a little mixed up. It's actually the Want/Need/Desire triangle, and I was going to do a product about it called Iron Triangle Marketing. But it turned out to be an incomplete notion, so I didn't do that. However, Want/Need/Desire still forms the intro for this, which leaves us with the third part of that triangle to cover yet: desire.

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It’s Where The Money Is!

Now that you have a mailing list, everyone is going to be telling you "the money's in the list!" as though this is some great master key to success in business. This is stupid, because the reality is that people are on your list and that the money is in those people's pockets.

Now, that said, there are some simple truths that do kind of revolve around the list. First of all, when someone is on your list, you can talk to them whenever you want. That means you control the timing of the message. Someone who goes to your blog might be there the day you posted a particular article, or three years later. But when you send an immediate email to your list - one you wrote to send out just once, today, to the whole list - that email gets to all your subscribers right now.

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Bridges and Chasms

There's an old analogy I like to use about what makes video games fun or not-fun. And it deals with the nature of a challenge. Some challenges are bridges, and some are chasms.

A bridge is a sequence of challenges where partial success gets you partially there. You can meet the challenges that are at or below your skill level, and when you get to the point where your skills aren't up to the challenge, you have to stop there and grind until your skills improve. If you can't make it all the way to point B, you're stuck partway there.

A chasm, on the other hand, is all or nothing. Partial success doesn't exist. If you fail anything, you fail it all. When you jump for the other side and you don't make it, you fall to your death and have to reload your last save. Or, in the worst cases, start the fucking game all over again.

The key to an effective online business is to build a bridge.

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