Deep Magic Shit

One of the things I've been on about for a really long time is the notion of "Calibranding," which is a form of personal branding that I've personally branded. Funny how that works.

It's all summed up by the E=mc2 equation we all know so well from Einstein. Calibranding is a process where you begin by being distinctive to the Eye, then to the mind, and then in your contribution - in a way that each element squares with the others.

But there's another element to this that I don't talk about as often.

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The SLOT Machine

So I'm going over some previous posts and I realise that I promised to go over the SLOT machine in more detail last week and I only kind of barely touched on it. And I hate doing shit like that, so here I am covering it now.

If you'll recall, I mentioned that SLOT stands for Site - List - Offer - Tribe, and actually this is the perfect time to discuss it because we just finished going over the initial roots of a tribe. There's more to it than this, of course, but the groundwork is laid.

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The Infamous Cocksucker Rant

About a year ago, I published this massive rant about how the marketing industry is full of cocksuckers who don't really want to help you and aren't really trying, because they're playing a certain game.

See, here's the way it works. You tell people the same shit over and over, just in slightly different ways, because it doesn't matter what you tell them. Most of them are beetle-brains anyway, so you tell them "go do this" and they do nothing because it's not right in front of them. The lizard-brains look around and go "I don't see that" and do nothing. And the dog-brains play fetch. They miss the point.

You throw the ball in the form of a product that says "go do this," they run off and fetch it, and then they come back. They don't do anything with the ball. They just run off and come back. That's it. And you say "good dog!" and pat them and rub their head and they wag their tails and wait for you to throw the ball again.

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Badassery Across Borders

It's no surprise, I'm sure, that when I talk about the applications of badassery - I mostly talk about how it applies to running your own business. That is, after all, kind of my thing - it's what I do, it's what I teach other people to do. I am a huge proponent of "quit your job now," because it turns "someday" into "today" and you'll actually get your shit together a lot faster.

But there are other applications of badassery. The same general principles of forcing your brain into becoming smarter can be applied to your body, to make it stronger or push it into losing weight.

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Nobody Has It Easy

Not so long ago, Allie Brosh returned from a nineteen-month hiatus to make this post about dealing with depression. It's the follow-up to a much older post explaining a five-month hiatus for essentially the same reason which makes a full two years of effectively not posting anything on her amazingly funny blog.

This is the same time period during which she's supposed to be writing her book, which is available for pre-order at that link and if you buy through it I'll get like a dollar or something. But I digress, and plug, and that's really not what I wanted to talk about here at all.

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The Information Product Cesspool

So let's talk a little bit about information products, like you might come across in the WSO section of the Warrior Forum. Or some other forum, in the section where people pay to hawk their shit. And let's try to get you out of what they call "Bright Shiny Object" syndrome.

First of all, you will discover sooner or later that I actively advise you to sell information products. There are a number of very good reasons for this, which I'll go into when I start talking about how badass you will be when you start selling your own. And, of course, I practice what I preach, so quite some time before I start advising you to sell them... you'll notice that I'm selling them.

So no, I am not going to tell you how horrible and awful information products are. Information products, in and of themselves, are awesome. They are empowering and profitable and easy to build and sell. You should totally be doing this shit. Even in the most wretched hive of scum and villainy, you can find amazing and incredible information products that will honestly help you improve your business and your life and do amazing things.

The problem comes about when you start gathering information products together into a single marketplace.

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Scheduling And Shit

One of the many things I got to do over the course of my life was to run a software development company, which is where I learned how offline business works and what kind of tradeoffs you have to make and honestly just how little of a seven-figure business goes into your pocket.

Seriously, when I went to work as a contractor for Microsoft, people would ask me what kind of money my business made and then when I told them they always went "well, shit, why the fuck are you working here?!" and somehow they never believed me when I said "better hours, better benefits, and better pay."

Someday I'll tell you a little more about the accounting, but there's one particular benefit of running a software company which you don't get anywhere else: the ability to overtly fuck with people and see what happens.

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What Is a Badass?

Whenever you start talking about how to do or be something, the first thing you have to establish is what exactly that thing... you know, means.

If you go look it up, you find some weird stuff around it. On the one hand, you have this noun for a mean or belligerent person with extreme attitude, behaviour, or appearance.

On the other hand, you have the adjective, for having extreme attitude, behaviour, or appearance... that is considered admirable.

Among the synonyms, you have "admirable," "awesome," and "wicked" in the sense of "Excellent; awesome; masterful; deeply satisfying." Also five related definitions of "cool" - "calm and in control," "unenthusiastic and skeptical," "audacious," "considered popular," "part of the in-crowd."

And, of course, the 1970s-era definition of "bad" - which means, you know, "good." Because in the 1970s, we were still on the 1960s drugs and only just getting started on the 1980s drugs, which meant we were all twice as fucked up.

All of this adds up to a rather schizophrenic definition of someone mean and calm, belligerent and in control, audacious and unenthusiastic, good and popular, extreme and part of the in-crowd. It's a mass of contradictions. What the fuck is that? When I talk about the badass manifesto, about the concept of being a badass and the process of becoming one... what, exactly, do I mean by this?

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What the Fuck is Up

In the place to be... coming on the mic is Eazy-motherfucking-E... Dre is on the beat... Yella's on the cut... so listen up close while we rip shit up...


Okay, I apologise for that, I just kind of got stuck. But uh, here's the thing about this blog, and shit.

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