Sit, Ubu, Sit

There are two inherent qualities of the dog brain you can leverage to push your business efforts forward. First, that it fundamentally wants to be told what to do; and second, that it fundamentally wants to tell others what to do. And the easiest way to do this - the one most of us naturally do just out of the gate - is to tell people "do what I did."

See, here you are following along in this "how to become a badass" process, and along the way you have already started a blog and put together a mailing list. And no matter how much or how little you have done, you have done something which you can now write down and say "here is what I did." Your experience can help others duplicate your results, or improve their own, or whatever.

And people will pay for that.

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The Need For Rules

The temporal lobe is basically the part of your brain that acts like a dog. This has its good points and its bad points, but it's the first place your brain starts to put together some idea of what the rules are for how things work. It's where religion and philosophy start to operate, because deep down the dog-brain wants a system.

Trouble is, it's not yet capable of the complex reasoning needed to define the system. So it's constantly making up weird shit. This is the part of your brain that wants to have a simple set of rules that it can easily remember; the ten commandments, or the golden rule, or a six-rule manifesto. (Whistles innocently)

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