Let’s get this FART party started

Okay, so you've taken the want into your bucket-brain and filled your bucket to develop Belief, and you've recognised the need so you fired up your beetle-brain and did a lot of stuff that didn't work to develop Awareness, and you found the desire which led you to your lizard-brain and you've pursued that to determine your Direction, and now you are beginning to build a plan which will take you into your dog-brain - and what do we always blame on the dog?!

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Confirming Suspicions

So the next part, of course, is Confirming suspicions. He said, confirming the title, which you suspected had something to do with the subject of the post. Which, again, you suspected would be about the C in NICER... and this has now been confirmed.

There's the simple way to do this and the complicated way. The complicated way is to climb inside your customers' heads via modeling and psychological analysis to figure out what they already suspect and say "that is totally true."

But there's an easier way.

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The Central Mission

So we've had that moment where you go from not being born a badass, to the belief that anyone can become a badass. That's the first major step, but we already know that.

And from this, we move on to the awareness stage. At first, people always come to this understanding - this belief - thinking they have to see a person being badass. They take that step into the lizard brain where they're looking around going "what is a badass, anyway?" and trying to see people who are badass. They think "I need to find a kind of badass that I can be."

So they look at badasses wherever they can, trying to find someone they can emulate - what the NLP boys call "modeling" - and become a badass. How they need to dress and act and behave.

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Roll Camera

The thing we have to worry about now is getting from being very focused on what you are getting for you to being more focused on what you are offering the world.

Basically, imagine that you're making a movie. You can't just go "this is my movie about me." Something has to happen.

Now, you never take the focus away from you. This is your movie, Goddammit. You're the main character of your movie. But the thing is, nobody cares about you - unless they can see themselves in you.

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That’s Right, We BAD

In the classic 1980 movie Stir Crazy, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder are framed for bank robbery and sent to prison. As they approach the cell, Pryor coaches Wilder to "get bad, or else you gonna get fucked" and by the time they reach the cell they're twitching and bouncing around like junkies.

"That's right... that's right, we bad," Pryor announces as they enter the cell. "Uh-huh, uh-huh, we bad. We don't want no shit, either."

"That's right," adds Wilder. "Darn right."

Well, he tried.

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Go Get It, Boy

So we've got a belief - or a dream - and some awareness of how true that belief/dream is. It doesn't have to be a religious belief. It primarily needs to be something about how you, yes you, can be a badass. A real badass, not just a fake propped-up badass swaggering and brandishing your blade as you talk of bold battles and gold you have made.

Sorry, I've been playing Skyrim a lot lately and have "Ragnar the Red" stuck in my brain right now.

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Navigating The Maze

If you're still following along, you're probably sweating bullets and going "how the fuck am I supposed to have a blog and a list and a product in three weeks?!"

Well, you're not. Each of these things is a matter of one to three months. You can pull out the stops and git-'r-done in a month, or you can just kick back and relax and take a quarter of the year to put stuff out there, but if you spend an hour a day on each of these things you'll have something worth holding up and saying "I did this shit" in about sixty days.

This was the whole point of the now-discontinued System Sixty series. Sixty minutes for sixty days is enough to build something stable and reliable. But nobody wanted to promote that series, because... well, the excuses varied, but my translation was that nobody wants to sell things that actually work. I'll talk about that on Sunday, but today I want to talk about the overall thrust of this series.

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Business Rules

A lot of people will tell you the one golden rule of business. Some people say it's "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Some are less gracious, and say "do unto others as they have done unto you." Some are downright cynical, and say "do unto others before they do unto you." Sometimes we focus on exactly what to do; in Judaism, we turn the first one around, and say "that which is hurtful to you, do not do to your neighbour." My grandfather told me "never do anything you don't understand."

But the one I've found most useful is Don Lapre's "never do anything yourself that someone else will do for $5 an hour." This is also the core idea Tim Ferris hit on in The Four-Hour Work Week. Imagine my surprise when I discovered how the "scammer" Don Lapre taught me the same thing in one sentence ten years earlier.

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