Monkeys and Chiefs

The astute observer will at some point have noticed that there's a distinct similarity between the monkey-brain and the chief-brain. I mean, it's in the monkey-brain that we first see the concept of the tribe, but of course we want to lead the tribe, right?

Well, that's the monkey-brain view of it. The chief-brain views it much differently. But let's stick to the monkeys right now, just to keep things in order.

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Sweet Release

So you've got your Video and your Image for your Post/Product/Promotion and you've written your Email/Exclusive and now it's time for Release.

This has two separate aspects. First, you have to get the core out there - the Post, in my case, potentially the product or promotion. That has to be ready.

Then you have to get your Exclusives out in a widening circle. (We'll cover the SWIFT concept next week so you know which circles are which.) You start very tight in the middle, then take it out bit by bit until you're shoving your social images and video links out into the wide world.

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The Secret Club Part

Okay, so you've got a couple things you blast out there for the general public. Things you show everyone, Because you aren't in this for your health, you want people to look at you.

Now it's time to reward the faithful. You know that central post or product or promotion you just did?

Go to your email list and take it one step further. Just a little more. Something nobody else got. Something you can only have if you've handed over your contact info and "jined up."

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Going VIPERal

So like we said yesterday (actually just a couple minutes ago), the next step of the VIPER process is to create an image. And that image has a purpose, which is to be shared on social media - Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, whatever. Because there are all these damn surveys on social media which have generated a body of wisdom.

And the core of that wisdom is this: the single most common thing for people to share on social media is a picture. And I'll go into some more on that, but first let me cover the other element people share on social media - videos.

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The Line Must Be Drawn Here

There's one very critical element of any community which has to be established early on, and that is precisely what it is you stand against.

Oh, don't get me wrong, you definitely need to stand for something. But standing for something is not enough. Standing for something gives you an "us."

But you cannot create a long-term sustainable group without also having a "them." Someone else whose values do not match yours, and indeed are antithetical; someone whose viewpoint is not only different, but actively wrong. You need a group which stands against you, and all you stand for, so you have something to fight.

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The Root Of Authority

In order for people to rally around you on the internet, or anywhere else, you need to be perceived as an authority. And being perceived as an authority is kind of right there in the word.


Basically, you have to write a book. It's never been easier to write a book; between CreateSpace and Lulu and Xlibris and Vervante, you can go from the same sort of PDF you might use to create your product to a physical published book - with just a few hours work and a couple dollars of investment.

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We On A Mission

So as I mentioned yesterday, there's a way around the problem of wanting to be around people who don't want to be around you, and that is to solicit volunteers.

Remember when you started up your list, so you could talk to your people? This is the other side of that, where you create a space for your people to talk to each other. This is the core of a tribe: they need to have a reason to communicate, and a means of communication.

There are dozens of ways to set this up. Forum software. Skype groups. Facebook groups. Fan pages and social networks and Twitter lists and who knows what else. But the key element - the thing that sets this apart from a cult of personality, like a blog - is that the people are here to talk to each other. They post comments to talk to you. They join your list for you to talk to them. But they join your tribe so they can talk to other people in it.

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