Feathers in the Headdress

The chief level is tough for me.

Like I said on the man-brain level, it's just frowned upon in American society to proclaim oneself the chief. To elevate oneself as the alpha of the pack, or the dominant male of the troop, or a leader of men... these things are simply not done. We believe in democracy.

But the thing about the chief is that the chief is not in charge.

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Rejecting Enemies

So we've covered the first four elements of NICER marketing: Nurturing dreams, Inhibiting fears, Confirming suspicions, and Excusing failures. That takes us up to the end of it, Rejecting enemies.

If you'll recall, Blair Warren said to throw rocks at enemies. What people really want is for you to join them in the assault - to attack those enemies and bring them down. But I've sat around thinking about this a lot, and there's an element of this which isn't considered.

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Excusing Failures

So if there's one thing that never changes no matter how long we live or how good we are at what we do, it's that we all fuck up.

A lot.

Especially when we're new at a particular thing, we tend not to make the smartest decisions. We might, say, launch the almighty fuck out of a product and make $8,500 in a week... then have no damn clue what to sell the customer list. Or how to talk to them. Or, indeed, whether this was even a good idea in the first place. (Guess who did that?)

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Confirming Suspicions

So the next part, of course, is Confirming suspicions. He said, confirming the title, which you suspected had something to do with the subject of the post. Which, again, you suspected would be about the C in NICER... and this has now been confirmed.

There's the simple way to do this and the complicated way. The complicated way is to climb inside your customers' heads via modeling and psychological analysis to figure out what they already suspect and say "that is totally true."

But there's an easier way.

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Inhibiting Fears

So we've talked about Nurturing dreams in the NICER method, but let;'s move on to one of the other ones: Inhibiting fears.

There are actually two ways to inhibit fears. One of them is to say that there's nothing to be afraid of, and there's no reason to be afraid of them at all. This is what your parents do when there's a monster in your closet: they open the door and say "see, no monsters in here," like they know nothing about monsters. Weren't they ever kids? Monsters have camouflage and shit. We all know that.

But there's a better way to inhibit fears that some parents are using. It's a good one. And it works on adults, too. And the monster in the closet is a great example, because to anyone that doesn't have a particular fear, it seems silly... but it's totally not silly to you. Always remember that.

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The NICER Marketer

I had a bunch of bullshit scheduled this week about some other stuff but it sucked so I deleted it last night when I was drunk which is like this thing that I do sometimes because I am an alcoholic.

So I was talking on Colin Theriot's Facebook page about this thing Blair Warren said back in the day in something called One Sentence Persuasion, and it was basically "27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding" and here they are:

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures,
allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their

Well, the thing I do is take stuff like this and turn it from 27 words into one: NICER.

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The End Goal

The thing about any race is that you need to reach a finish line sooner or later. There needs to be an endgame, a win condition of some sort.

There's not, really. There never is. Each finish line just turns into another starting gate. But you have to reach a certain level of stability, so you can relax and take stock of your situation before beginning the next sprint.

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The Coaching Mentality

There are a lot of misconceptions about what makes a good coach.

There's the completely off-the-wall notion that one should have a track record at whatever one is coaching, as though the average winning football coach is a former professional football player himself.

There's the idea that you can only coach people who are where you have been to get where you have gone, which is an extension of the above, but tends to be held by coaches themselves - rather than finding a path that works for you, they simply find a path that looks and feels like their own.

The way real coaching works is very, very different.

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