Feathers in the Headdress

The chief level is tough for me.

Like I said on the man-brain level, it's just frowned upon in American society to proclaim oneself the chief. To elevate oneself as the alpha of the pack, or the dominant male of the troop, or a leader of men... these things are simply not done. We believe in democracy.

But the thing about the chief is that the chief is not in charge.

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Sweet Release

So you've got your Video and your Image for your Post/Product/Promotion and you've written your Email/Exclusive and now it's time for Release.

This has two separate aspects. First, you have to get the core out there - the Post, in my case, potentially the product or promotion. That has to be ready.

Then you have to get your Exclusives out in a widening circle. (We'll cover the SWIFT concept next week so you know which circles are which.) You start very tight in the middle, then take it out bit by bit until you're shoving your social images and video links out into the wide world.

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The Local Brew

So now, of course, it's time for me to get all self-important and shit while I drag my own manifesto out alongside these others and compare them.

I'll start by recapping the problems with them: Robin Sharma's rules for being awesome are too hard to remember, and too numerous, and don't tell you what to do. The Cult of Done doesn't tell you to be any good at things. The Ira Glass bit on "the gap" is great, but disorganised (as it was extemporaneous), and the Holstee Manifesto is just too hard to remember. Which brings us to my own Badass Manifesto.

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Wrapping Everything Up

The key to any story is wrapping it up with an ending, and that can be a little difficult. After all, this is kind of your life story, and you're... you know, still living it. One would hope, anyway.

You don't want to make your story something that ends and it's over, either. You want it to reach a point where this adventure is over, but a new one could begin at any time.

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The Final Kicker

So to close all this up, we have the final reality. It's not even a rule you have to follow, because it simply is what it is.

Badasses all have unique origin stories.

No matter what kind of badass you are, how big or how small, or what exactly it is you're a badass of doing... go back to rule one where nobody was ever born a badass. You had to start somewhere and get to the badass part on a path that nobody else has ever taken before.

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It Is The Tale, Not He Who Tells It

Once upon a time there was a Japanese-American businessman who wrote a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad about how he was raised in Hawaii by two fathers: his own, who was poor, and his friend's - who was rich. And it was a good story, and many people read it, and his name became widely known: Robert Kiyosaki. He invented the Velcro wallet, of all things, and built a business empire.

Most recently, he was in the real estate business - not so much buying and selling real estate himself, but teaching others to buy and sell real estate. And not so long ago, he was sued for something or other, and one of his businesses declared bankruptcy. So people started saying he was himself bankrupt. And that's when the real bombshell dropped.

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The End Goal

The thing about any race is that you need to reach a finish line sooner or later. There needs to be an endgame, a win condition of some sort.

There's not, really. There never is. Each finish line just turns into another starting gate. But you have to reach a certain level of stability, so you can relax and take stock of your situation before beginning the next sprint.

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The Way The Gurus Do It

Sooner or later, you get to the question of what the top-level badasses in a given industry do and how it's not really what they teach at all.

The accusation is true... they aren't doing what they teach... but the missing piece is that you can't do what they do. Among other things, they've built a business in which their own personal badassery is just one part of the puzzle, and they can't do it all. They throw money at their problems, because they can. They don't work like a small one-man shop anymore because they're not a small one-man shop, and they can't run their business like a small one-man shop, so when they train you to build up your small one-man shop... duh, that's not what they do anymore.

It's kind of ridiculous, but when people go up to some established badass and say "I want to do what you do," the badass naturally assumes they want to know how to get from where they are to where the badass is, and tries to help with that. Except more frequently, what they really want to know is "how do I jump the queue and just be what you are right now?" and the answer is somewhere between "spend huge amounts of money" and "you can't." Which, for some reason, tends to make people angry.

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The Coaching Mentality

There are a lot of misconceptions about what makes a good coach.

There's the completely off-the-wall notion that one should have a track record at whatever one is coaching, as though the average winning football coach is a former professional football player himself.

There's the idea that you can only coach people who are where you have been to get where you have gone, which is an extension of the above, but tends to be held by coaches themselves - rather than finding a path that works for you, they simply find a path that looks and feels like their own.

The way real coaching works is very, very different.

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Hail To The Chief

"If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them you will not know them and what you do not know, you will fear. What one fears, one destroys." - Chief Dan George, Tsleil-Watuth Nation, British Columbia

There's this failure people have when they learn that certain parts of their brain control certain aspects of their behaviour, and that failure is to go "well, I need to make that part of my brain shut the fuck up and stop doing anything at all."

And when I lay out the animals in your brain and lead up to that last part where there's a man, a lot of people go "well I just need to start doing everything out of my man-brain and not the rest of it." This is a destructive notion.

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