Why Is Shit Always Such A Pain In The Arse?

Well, I guess where else would shit be a pain? Your nose? Don't answer that.

I talked about this in the Legion of Badass, but here's the basics of it out in public: on Wednesday, I wrote issue zero of the newsletter. I was going to upload it to the files area of the Legion. And somewhere between doing the podcast and going to upload it, I managed to corrupt the PDF and save another document over top of it, losing all of the layout and formatting and of course the content of the newsletter.

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I Know You Got Soul

It's been a long time; I shouldn't've left you, without a strong rhyme to step to, think of how many big shows you slept through - time's up, sorry I kept you. Thinkin' of this, you keep repeatin' the mix, the rhymes of the microphone solo wiz, so you sit by the radio, hand on the dial, soon... as you hear it... pump up the volume...

Sooooo you know how I keep saying "broadcast your failures" all the time? Heh. Hehehehehehe. Man, was this a big one.

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Promote What, Exactly?

One of the big arguments that constantly goes on in the internet marketing industry is whether you should be concentrating on content, or on promotions.

And this is a prime example of just how stupid people get when they've had some measure of success: they always start out with the same reasoning. "I've tried both, and promotion is where the money is. Don't waste your time on content. Concentrate on promotions."

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My Own Core Element

Now, as you might guess, I'm going to assume that your Post - the central part of the VIPER method - is the central part of your efforts, because it's the central part of mine.

If it's not, then some of the advice here will apply more accurately to the central element. In fact, perhaps a better word for the P element of VIPER would be "Product" or "Promotion" - the thing you actually want people to look at. I may go back and edit this series once I think about that for a while. Remember Sunday's post about fixing your fuckups? It also applies to upgrades.

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VIPER Content Creation

Okay, so let's talk about the VIPER content creation system, which I've been using for the past week and am still using with varying degrees of success. The thing about work methods is that they take time to get used to - about thirty days, usually. So I should be used to this and using it like a fucking boss by the second week of October.

At the moment, I am having some issues with it simply because it's new and I'm not accustomed to using it. But the entire point here is to crank out a coherent, interlaced system of content which meshes well with the elements of the BADASS methodology and slots into the things that engage with your tribe. So let's look these over real quick.

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Brick By Brick, Row By Row

If you're following along (and you should be) then you've been blogging for a week and a half or so. And since you're not stuck back in your beetle and lizard brains (you're not, right?), your other brains - which we haven't discussed yet, and I'm not going to spoil them at the moment - have probably pointed out some of the less-than-optimal aspects of this business activity.

So you need to (a) tell them to shut the fuck up because you're not done yet, and (b) just trust me and keep going. All of this comes together in the end. You're doing the most brain-dead stupid and simple parts to start with, because you're going to need all of them. Most people fuck up by going straight to the part they think is interesting, the part where they think the "real" money is.

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Show Me The Money

It's an overused phrase, I know, for those of us old enough to have watched Jerry Maguire back in the days before Tom Cruise went absolutely batshit crazy and started running around being a bugfuck lunatic everywhere.

But it's what everyone starts saying about blogging. Where does the money come from? How do you make money from a blog? I mean, some people make a living at this, right? How does this work? How do you make that happen?

Well, the fact is, there's only one way.

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Being A Busy Beetle

Now, when you're still figuring out your big idea, there's only one thing that really works effectively: free association. You have to figure out what catches your attention and what you can actually generate and what resonates with an audience.

So welcome to the internet generation, where we have this thing called a "blog" where people of all sorts can sit down and just dump whatever random shit happened to be in their brain at the moment out into the world, where the general public can read it. And this makes a certain method of figuring your shit out a lot simpler and easier.

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