Brick By Brick, Row By Row

If you're following along (and you should be) then you've been blogging for a week and a half or so. And since you're not stuck back in your beetle and lizard brains (you're not, right?), your other brains - which we haven't discussed yet, and I'm not going to spoil them at the moment - have probably pointed out some of the less-than-optimal aspects of this business activity.

So you need to (a) tell them to shut the fuck up because you're not done yet, and (b) just trust me and keep going. All of this comes together in the end. You're doing the most brain-dead stupid and simple parts to start with, because you're going to need all of them. Most people fuck up by going straight to the part they think is interesting, the part where they think the "real" money is.

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Show Me The Money

It's an overused phrase, I know, for those of us old enough to have watched Jerry Maguire back in the days before Tom Cruise went absolutely batshit crazy and started running around being a bugfuck lunatic everywhere.

But it's what everyone starts saying about blogging. Where does the money come from? How do you make money from a blog? I mean, some people make a living at this, right? How does this work? How do you make that happen?

Well, the fact is, there's only one way.

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Being A Busy Beetle

Now, when you're still figuring out your big idea, there's only one thing that really works effectively: free association. You have to figure out what catches your attention and what you can actually generate and what resonates with an audience.

So welcome to the internet generation, where we have this thing called a "blog" where people of all sorts can sit down and just dump whatever random shit happened to be in their brain at the moment out into the world, where the general public can read it. And this makes a certain method of figuring your shit out a lot simpler and easier.

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Just Another Bug In The Colony

I'm really not happy with this bug graphic I made. I mean, it's a good picture. But it's kind of indistinct and the blue is too dark and I'm just generally displeased. So it's going to change and improve at some point in the future when it bubbles to the top of my list. Definitely before I start producing t-shirts and bumper stickers and coffee cups and shit. But that's a discussion for later.

The cerebellum is the part of your brain that works like our old friends the dung beetles. It's the part of your brain which works well in menial labour jobs, moving shit and filing shit and just generally doing the same Goddamn thing over and over again. Like a bug. Without much regard to what you're doing or why, because it's just the same stupid fucking thing again.

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The Roots Of Will

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds," and it's a shockingly accurate statement - because attached directly to the brainstem, at a structure called the pons, we have what is called the cerebellum or "little brain." It actually looks like a smaller second brain hanging off the bottom of the main brain, like a little friend. Or a parasite. Maybe a tick. And this is indeed the hobgoblin that plagues many of us and makes our lives difficult.

The primary function of this brain structure isn't to make decisions or do any thinking, but it plays a tremendous role in activity. This is the part of your brain that does things without thinking about them. On the top levels, this is what we call muscle memory - you've trained yourself so consistently and frequently that you don't need to think. That's something we like to call "mastery." But on the bottom level, it's what we call rote behaviour... where you've done something the same way so many times, you're not even entirely aware you are doing it anymore.

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