Brick By Brick, Row By Row

If you're following along (and you should be) then you've been blogging for a week and a half or so. And since you're not stuck back in your beetle and lizard brains (you're not, right?), your other brains - which we haven't discussed yet, and I'm not going to spoil them at the moment - have probably pointed out some of the less-than-optimal aspects of this business activity.

So you need to (a) tell them to shut the fuck up because you're not done yet, and (b) just trust me and keep going. All of this comes together in the end. You're doing the most brain-dead stupid and simple parts to start with, because you're going to need all of them. Most people fuck up by going straight to the part they think is interesting, the part where they think the "real" money is.

And if you've been watching this particular project since the beginning of May 2013, when I started it, you'll know I had absolutely jack fucking shit when I did. I pulled all the little nit-noid shit down to build the empire in 2011, a little over two years ago, and I am building this empire exactly the same way I'm telling you to do it.

Plus, even though you're reading this in late June, I'm writing it in May. The value of a system, as I'll tell you in a couple weeks, is largely in its predictive capacity. Well, actually, as I'm writing this I'll be telling you later today. And as you're reading this, I've already told you. But it will be a couple weeks yet before you actually get told. It's time travel. Isn't that cool?

But the simple fact is that the only way your blog can lose is if you take it down. It's basic math. Imagine that you have just one blog post up there. Just one. If you never touch that blog again, people will still go to your blog and read that one post. Not a lot of people. But even when I've abandoned blogs for years, people still show up and read those posts.

I recently had an embarrasing moment where I discovered that my AdSense payments had stopped because Google needed me to confirm some information. It had gone to displaying blank ad units on several old blogs I started years ago as part of a product called Zombie Blogging. For about a year and a half, those blogs generated a tiny little income stream, and then it just stopped altogether. I figured the method just didn't work any more.

Reality? Google needed to confirm my tax information, because I was at the threshold where my earnings had to be declared on their tax documents. I had just never noticed. So in the process of cleaning up some stuff, I went to have a look at my AdSense account and discovered that they needed me to give them some information. Which I did.

And a week later, badaboom-badabing my three-year-old blogs are making a tiny little trickle of money again. It's nothing to party about - at the height of their profitability, this little blog farm was generating just over $30 a month, and right now it's looking like they're going to generate around $12 a month.

Yes, I know you can do math, so that means they've generated just short of $3 in a week. $2.84 to be precise. It's not a lot of money. The method in question doesn't make a lot of money.

But think about that for a moment. I stuck AdSense on a bunch of blogs over three years ago and have not even fucking touched them since. That's the only thing I ever did with AdSense, really, and it generated about $600 in a year and a half before Google said "hey, hold up a minute." So I go "oops, my bad!" and fill in a form, and in a week those same blogs are right back to about a third of their top performance.

The entire point of that product and that experiment was to do as little work as possible. To beetle-brain the system. So to get your head to thinking: I spent two hours on that blog network. Not on each blog. On the whole network. I just rammed content online as quickly as possible.

It was shit content, too. I literally searched Google for "free niche PLR" and didn't even edit out the typos or the shitty grammar. Copy, paste, publish. Done. Shoved AdSense on them. Walked away. They're not even hosted on my own server - they're on Google's platform. Cost me nothing. I don't even remember where they are.

But they still sit there, three years later. Making money. And a monkey could do better than that.

It wasn't that long that one of my Facebook "friends" chatted with me and pointed out that she had only ever bought one of my products, Zombie Blogging, and then never bought another one... because honestly, what was I thinking?

Well, I was thinking it works. And it continues to work. Show me another internet marketing "system" that still works three years later.

That's badass. That's the very definition of badass. And this shit... what I'm teaching here, and now, with the whole Manifesto and the General Badassery and all of that... is a couple orders of magnitude more badass.

So I can either piss and moan over losing $600 in ad revenue for not paying attention, or pump my fist over making another $12 a month for doing absolutely jack fucking shit.

Guess which one a badass does.