BEACHFRONT Product Creation Day Two

Okay, so let's recap real quick just to make sure we're on the same page. We're working on the BEACHFRONT product creation method because it's a word with ten letters and none of them are repeated, so each of them can stand for one of the ten steps in my notes. I have not rehearsed or planned this and it is fucking insane of me to try it, but fuck that shit, I'm a badass and I can do this.

Now, we've already covered the B&E part where you get your foot in the door with Blogging and Engagement. And now, since we're on the beach and it's fucking hot, let's turn on the A/C.

Now, remember what we're engaging? An Audience. So what you have to do at this point is capture that audience with an opt-in to your email list. It would be convenient, wouldn't it, if Audience and Capture were the A/C? Well, as you can see, Capture isn't in bold so it's not the right C.

Because an opt-in does bring you an audience, but the next thing you have to do is develop goodwill in that audience. And the way you do that is to give them something - to be charitable. I don't like the use of Charity as the C either, though. It has these connotations of being a handout. So instead, I'm going to go with Contribution.

So you've done a little B&E, and now you've kicked on the A/C. See how that fits together? It's like, serendipity and shit. You just search for the patterns in the words and letters, then connect them to real things.

Imagine it. Here you are the poor, indigent person with no hope and no money and no way to get anywhere. It's hot, the middle of summer, and the sun is beating down on you. And over to the side you see a beautiful beachfront villa.

So you break into it and kick on the air conditioning.

Okay, so it's a little morally and ethically and legally questionable. But the meaning of these things is fine. I mean, your "B&E" isn't actually breaking into someone else's property, you're breaking into a new niche. And you break in by Blogging about it - generating a quantity of content that establishes you as someone who knows what they're about and can be a meaningful source of information.

But nobody cares, so you now need to enter that niche by Engaging the people in it. You get your name and content out there to be passed around and shared, and as a result, people start to watch you (remember the SWIFT model - Stranger, Watcher, Ingroup, Fan, Tribe).

Having engaged them, you drag those watchers into your ingroup by making them your Audience with an opt-in. Now you have them walking into the theatre and having a seat, waiting for you to provide them with a show of some sort.

Now, your ingroup is your prospective customers. They are the air that you breathe in any industry. And this is when you condition them to your Cause (there's another C word I could have used!) by making a Contribution to their progress. And this makes them into your fans.

Now, the next thing you need to do is get out on that BEACH. You're almost there, and honestly you could conceivably stop after the next step. But we won't. There's more to come. And let's take a moment to get really freaky here.

Your B&E is beetle-brain stuff. Blogging. Engagement. Content and advertising.

Your A/C is lizard brain stuff. Audience. Contribution. Your opt-in and promotions.

Can you guess what we're looking at tomorrow? Dog-brain stuff. The next two steps are dog-brain, and that means product creation and sales funnels.

Notice how this is not just about creating words which make the system fit into the acronym, it's also about connecting those words and their meanings to the other elements of the system. Everything connects to everything else.

Now, in the next half-hour or so, you'll see the dog brain stuff pop in, and I'll draw a line down the middle and say "here's where you can just be a beach bum and never actually need to do anything else." And plenty of people do that; there's nothing wrong with it. If you're just into that half of it and you don't care about the rest, hey, can't knock another man's hustle. So if that's all you want, we're almost there.

But if you want it all... we still have a ways to go. Stay tuned.