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Let's just put this out there right to begin with.

The Core Teachings
The Core Teachings

These seven principles are the very heart of this blog. This is what it's all about. Everything else is... well, commentary, like it says. These are like the ten commandments of the tribe, carved into stone and dragged down from Sinai because God Himself said so.

So let's hammer it down. These seven principles have exactly six words each. That's 42 words. Add "The Badass Manifesto" and it's 45. Add "all else is commentary" and it's 49.

That's a totally manageable set of things to remember. The ten commandments are a lot harder, although the first few are "thou shalt not X" so you can kind of phone those in.

Each principle builds on the previous, working toward that final bit with the origin story. You need to have an origin story! Just like a superhero! It's important. Heroic leadership matters.

Principle the First: Nobody was ever born a badass.

Look, we are absolutely amazing as children, but we're not badass. We're just incredible people. What makes us badass is the emergence from that cocoon of SHIT people threw at us, the scraping off of the filth, the uncovering of the priceless golden core that makes us so awesome. And we all get SHIT thrown at us throughout childhood, so we all have a lot of work to do before we become badass.

Principle the Second: Every person can become a badass.

But just like we are all covered with SHIT by our parents and our teachers and our siblings and our classmates and just the whole Goddamn world in general, we were all born utterly amazing and incredible. The awesome is in there, you just have to dig it out. There is nothing stopping you from doing that except you.

Principle the Third: People can be badass at anything.

Yep, that's right, anything. You can be a badass pastry chef. You can be a badass toilet scrubber. You can give the world's most badass blow jobs. Anything at all. While you may have your own personal limitations that prevent you personally from being badass at something, there is no law of the universe that says there can be no badasses of that particular thing. There certainly can be and almost certainly are.

Principle the Fourth: All badasses know they are badass,

This is the one that trips people up, You can work like hell at being a badass, and you can say you're a badass, and you can act like a badass, but an actual badass looks in the mirror and knows that's a badass looking out of it. You may doubt whether you can do this thing, or that thing, but after the work you have done to become a badass... you will never doubt that you absolutely 100% are a badass,

Principle the Fifth: Badasses prefer doing their own things.

This is a subtle one. A badass will never refuse to do something just because someone else did it, or is doing it, but given the choice between searching for what someone else is doing and finding your own way... the badass wants to puzzle it out. If there is a better way, the badass will still use it - but only while figuring out how to improve your own,

Principle the Sixth: Badasses know why they do things.

A badass never ever ever does something because "that's just how it's done." There's a reason. "That's just how it's done" is a bunch of hippie-hippie-fag-fag bullshit. If you don't know the reason, you should be trying to figure it out, and the answer should be "if I don't, then this happens, but I don't know why." Now you have a second badass helping you figure it out.

This is often why badasses do their own things: you see someone do something, you ask why, and they don't know. Frequently, they just do things the same way every time because they have some magical belief about a given step being "good luck." And when you go figure it out, you find a better way.

Principle the Seventh: All badasses have unique origin stories.

You started somewhere nobody else did. Nobody had your path. Nobody took your journey. Everything you went through and all the choices you made were uniquely yours. Share them. Nobody else has them to share, and nobody else can teach the same lessons in quite the same way.

And with that, we are done time traveling. We are entirely caught up. So I'll see you tomorrow with Music Video Saturday.