Okay, Let’s Cover This CRAP

Okay, so let's finally get around to closing the loop on this CRAP thing I've been talking about. And first, let me explain my rationale for it.

The hardest part about my whole SHIT acronym is that I can't go around telling people "buy my SHIT" because then it sounds like my products and services are designed to fuck with them and keep them Shortsighted, Helpless, Inadequate, and Trivial. So instead, I have been training myself to say "buy my CRAP" instead because it's the same basic concept except the acronym stands for something very different.

Not what you expected, is it?

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Promote What, Exactly?

One of the big arguments that constantly goes on in the internet marketing industry is whether you should be concentrating on content, or on promotions.

And this is a prime example of just how stupid people get when they've had some measure of success: they always start out with the same reasoning. "I've tried both, and promotion is where the money is. Don't waste your time on content. Concentrate on promotions."

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Show, Don’t Tell

So we hear this all the time: show, don't tell. It's a hallmark of good writing. It's also, in a slightly different way, a hallmark of good product creation. Your Offer needs to Show the process you're talking about.

Have you ever noticed that people love complaining about how various products are "stuffed up with fluff" and that 33 page report could have been just two or three pages?

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So the next question is how to deliver Information to your audience of prospective customers in a way that you encourage them to buy your crap, but don't piss them off or drive them away in disgust that you're "just selling something."

And there are, again, an easy way to do this and a hard way to do this. The hard way is to stick sales pitches all over your site and try to push people into buying your crap all the time.

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Finding Your People

So the first part of the whole FISHing process is to Find your people, because otherwise it's pretty hard to sell them your CRAP (tease, tease, tease - I haven't covered that one explicitly yet; it's an ongoing open loop I've had around for months... see what I'm doing there?... watch me still not close it) so let's talk a little about the two ways you can find your audience.

The first and most obvious way is to go out and stand in the street yelling "Crap! Fresh crap! Got crap for sale!" at the top of your lungs so people come over and go "ooh, fresh crap." But this is the hard way.

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Gone FISHing

So as you've probably noticed, I'm kind of focused on product creation lately - which is because I've reached the point in all of this that it is definitely time to get some buy buttons involved with this project, and I'm primarily wrestling with the issue that I've only got solid, tangible success to report on four of the seven stages.

I'm working on the whole monkey-brain evolution, but while I understand what needs to be done and how to do it, I haven't exactly had stunning success with it. I've watched other people have stunning success with it, but the fact is, I'm still largely stuck with the dog-brain stage and having some difficulty integrating the monkey- and man-brain stuff into my business model. We all have our demons. Mine is a monkey.

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The Illusion of Control

One of the hardest things for people to understand and accept about their lives is that they are fundamentally not in charge of them.

We live in an uncertain world. We are surrounded by unreliable people. Indeed, we ourselves are unreliable. Our bodies are fragile; so, too, are our very minds. We cannot see the future; it is unpredictable. You couldn't account for every possible situation, even if you tried with both hands.

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