Types of Reports

As I've gone over in the past, one of the things you want to do in your lizard-brain activities is build a list, and the conventional wisdom is to give away a free report on something or other. Even if you're not giving away the report, but selling it, there are five kinds of reports which traditionally do very well in terms of building your list; I got these five types from Colin Theriot at the Cult of Copy on Facebook, and it's a fantastic group that you should really consider joining if you're into the "deep magic" sort of analysis and marketing we like to do there.

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Why Conversion Isn’t The Issue

So a couple days ago, my boy Dexter Abraham posted an article on Facebook about customer development.

And to be perfectly blunt, I found this article completely wrong-headed.

It's not that it isn't coming from a place of experience and knowledge - clearly, it is - but it is also coming from a very shortsighted place. The authors assume from the very beginning that what every single business wants and needs to do is to make the audience happy.

That's not always the best strategy.

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Gather The Tribe

So we've been discussing the SWIFT and SLOTH acronyms, and we've gone over what all the letters mean - Strangers, Watchers, Ingroup, Fans, Tribe and Strangers, Lookaways, Outgroup, Terrorists, Haters - so it's time to talk about that last pair of groups: the Tribe and the Haters.

I've spoken pretty extensively about the tribe, though, so I'm mostly going to concentrate on the Haters and how they get into the middle of everything.

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Make Way For The Fangirls

So now that you've generated an Ingroup, the next step along the way - the F in SWIFT - is for them to become your Fans. This is where they've developed Respect for what you do (the R in the FART process), and they're now in a position where they're likely to recommend you to others.

A mistake many people make is to think that this is where you are trying to get everybody, and you just stop at this point. But Fans are the penultimate step - there's still one more to go, and we'll talk about that one tomorrow. But right now, let's talk about how Fans fit into your marketing and your business.

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You In?

Continuing our discussion of the SWIFT model for concentric rings of attention, we come to the letter I which stands for Ingroup. This is the various people who have decided to pal around with you because they've decided yes, your values match theirs, so you can totally hang out and shit.

Now, if you remember back when we were discussing the FART model, we start out with people who Follow you which is where they transitioned from Strangers to Watchers. Now that they've followed you around a while, they start to Admire you, so they become part of your Ingroup. And as you might guess, the goal here is to get them to Respect you so they can move to the next step.

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Understanding the SWIFTness

So, as promised last week, we're going to be talking about the SWIFT concept this week. This is all about knowing the different levels of people's involvement with your brand and your business and your badassery.

The five levels basically work like concentric circles. From the S in the white ring to the T at the bullseye, they map pretty well to the archery target pictured here. And let's begin with that S, which stands for Strangers.

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Hitting The Home Stretch

Way back when I first started this blog, I set a couple of goals.

One of those was to get 100 pure-content posts out there as the core of my book. And at this writing, I have just over that - 101 posts, not counting Sundays or Music Video Saturdays. Basically, each week of posts forms the first draft for one chapter of the book, and 20 chapters is enough. So the book is... well... done, in first draft form. I need to expand some things a little. Flip some stuff around. Work around images and such that might need clearance or present legal issues.

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