The Central Mission

So we've had that moment where you go from not being born a badass, to the belief that anyone can become a badass. That's the first major step, but we already know that.

And from this, we move on to the awareness stage. At first, people always come to this understanding - this belief - thinking they have to see a person being badass. They take that step into the lizard brain where they're looking around going "what is a badass, anyway?" and trying to see people who are badass. They think "I need to find a kind of badass that I can be."

So they look at badasses wherever they can, trying to find someone they can emulate - what the NLP boys call "modeling" - and become a badass. How they need to dress and act and behave.

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The Manifesto

We've been working toward this for a long time, but it's the way things had to be.

If you think back all the way to the beginning, where we talked about the bucket brain, we talked about how your bucket needs to be filled before you can move forward. So that's what we've been doing: filling your bucket. Getting you ready to understand the system.

It's not a hard system. It's less than fifty words.

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The Light At The End

There is something really weird about reaching the point where everything you have been researching and working on for years is reaching its end.

In the next week, I'm going to be laying out the actual, well, manifesto - the seven rules of being a badass that form the simple guide to this whole system.

I've been somewhat over five years getting here, and it's kind of scary looking at that last week of posts and thinking "we are finally here."

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Connecting The Dots

We're at the point in all of this where you are probably starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

We've got the six different parts of the brain and seven animals and a bunch of behaviours and SLIM and FAT and SHIT and BADASS and story structures and it's all just very... well, it's a lot.

How the hell are you supposed to remember any of this? Let alone turn it into any kind of coherent business plan or directed action?

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It Is The Tale, Not He Who Tells It

Once upon a time there was a Japanese-American businessman who wrote a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad about how he was raised in Hawaii by two fathers: his own, who was poor, and his friend's - who was rich. And it was a good story, and many people read it, and his name became widely known: Robert Kiyosaki. He invented the Velcro wallet, of all things, and built a business empire.

Most recently, he was in the real estate business - not so much buying and selling real estate himself, but teaching others to buy and sell real estate. And not so long ago, he was sued for something or other, and one of his businesses declared bankruptcy. So people started saying he was himself bankrupt. And that's when the real bombshell dropped.

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Are We Not Men?

In the 1970s, there was still a lot of concern about the idea of evolution. I mean, weird, right? We had this big trial with Scopes and Darrow and all that in the 1920s. And yet, here we are today, and people are still debating the question of whether it should be taught in schools or not. And how it's "just a theory," kind of like, you know... the theory of magnetism.

Shaggy 2 Dope of the Insane Clown Posse rapping about fucking magnets
Seriously, how do they fucking work?

One of the core disconnects between the religious mind (which believes what it cannot prove) and the scientific mind (which proves what it cannot believe) is that the idea of a "theory" is very different to each of them.

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Roll Camera

The thing we have to worry about now is getting from being very focused on what you are getting for you to being more focused on what you are offering the world.

Basically, imagine that you're making a movie. You can't just go "this is my movie about me." Something has to happen.

Now, you never take the focus away from you. This is your movie, Goddammit. You're the main character of your movie. But the thing is, nobody cares about you - unless they can see themselves in you.

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Put Your ASS Into It

So we've covered the first half of the BADASS methodology, and talked about how to be BAD, and now it's time to talk about moving your ASS.

That's the real key here: BAD is something that you are, but hauling your ASS is something you have to do. You can just sit on your arse and be BAD, and it will get you...

Well, honestly, it can get you pretty far in the modern economy.

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