Scheduling and Planning

So I’ve been going over my current plans for the rest of the year and thinking about what needs to be done when so I can actually, you know, get my shit ready to go and bug the fuck out of this basement.

So I basically looked at what I have to do and when it has to be done, and I came up with a series of things that need to get done.

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Feathers in the Headdress

The chief level is tough for me.

Like I said on the man-brain level, it’s just frowned upon in American society to proclaim oneself the chief. To elevate oneself as the alpha of the pack, or the dominant male of the troop, or a leader of men… these things are simply not done. We believe in democracy.

But the thing about the chief is that the chief is not in charge.

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The Sixth Day

This is the point where I consider someone a “success” in any given endeavour – when they reach the man-brain stage. Where they engage the prefrontal cortex and engage themselves in promoting a system that has worked for them – actively putting something new into the world for others to use.

You know, like I’m doing. I’m sorry, did I say that out loud? We’re not supposed to do that in America – self-promote, blow our own horns, believe our own bullshit. Except that’s kind of its own bullshit.

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Monkeys and Chiefs

The astute observer will at some point have noticed that there’s a distinct similarity between the monkey-brain and the chief-brain. I mean, it’s in the monkey-brain that we first see the concept of the tribe, but of course we want to lead the tribe, right?

Well, that’s the monkey-brain view of it. The chief-brain views it much differently. But let’s stick to the monkeys right now, just to keep things in order.

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